Got babies.

(Nadine) Devers, TX(Zone 9b)

I went to go visit with some relatives I haven't seen since I was a kid..Long story parents divorced and I lost my dad's side of family when he left..then my dad came back and found me in 2009..we have been doing stuff together just about every back to these relatives..Cousin's are my dad's sister kids..
My cousin Kitty and I have Orpingtons..she has the Lemon Cuckoo Double Barred kind..some of her females are barred too.I was able to get 2 rooster and 8 of the roo is going to a new home soon....she also gave me 1 rooster and 2 pullets to her LAVENDAR Orpingtons- had to tell my little heart to calmed I have 2 more kinds of Orpingtons now...along with my Blue,Black and splash orps..

Here is a pic of them together as I got them from her..Some of the older chicks are going thru feather molting..

Thumbnail by Moodene
(Zone 6b)

So if I locate you guys on my family tree somewhere do I get free eggs?

:D Jking

Bridgewater, ME

I have some lavendars and some whites that are suppose to hatch soon

somewhere, PA

We have babies here today! The eggs were a communal nest - first a little bantum sat on them and then this Barred Rock. Three so far w/ 4 more eggs.

Thumbnail by Tammy
Richmond, TX

So cute! What are the possible breeds?

(I have a nest box like that!)

somewhere, PA

I have one of everything I think lol

Two bantum Ca Grey, a few Marans, Barred Rock, White Rock, Black Australorp.

Two roo's - white bantum cochin & a mix Jersey Giant & (? I can't recall).

I need to move the chicks to a nesting box where they can get food & water but mom gets agitated if they start peeping. But the first was born yesterday so I don't want to wait 'til the morning.


Richmond, TX

Oh good we can have a guessing game!

somewhere, PA

Wanna start a thread for that? So I don't hijack Moodene's thread any more?

Moodene - how are your chicks?

(Nadine) Devers, TX(Zone 9b)

My chicks are doing great. AND I am getting black copper chicks from her too. Whoo hoo!!!

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