will color change?

New Port Richey, FL

I,m new to plumaria but love growing plants. I took a cutting from a plumaria where I work that seems to be doing well. It's a pretty pastel rainbow up close but 20 feet away you don't notice the beautiful colors. After reading some of the threads here I'm wondering: The tree is growing in heavy shade and not many flowers compared to many others I see growing in this area although they are different varieties. Will the colors on mine get brighter when it gets planted in a sunnier location?

Baton Rouge, LA

Planting it in a sunny location may make a difference. Heat will intensify the color of many plumerias.

Also, often when the bloom first open, it will show its best colors and then fade as time goes by. The sun and heat brings out the colors in plumerias, but it also causes them to fade as time goes by.

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