Monthly hortiscope for July

Murfreesboro, TN(Zone 7a)

Gardeners born under the sign of the straw hat love flowers and water features. For true garden bliss, your landscape includes a pond with plants trailing over the edge and waterlilies gently drifting from the current of a tiny waterfall. You are a sentimental gardener, favoring old-fashioned porch plants like aspidistras and ferns. July's tree is the maple, and your flowers include anything in white, but especially roses and moon flowers.

Famous gardeners born in June include Sir William Jackson Hooker, Karl Friedrich von Ledebour,, Pierre-Joseph Redoute, Elwyn Brooks (E.B.) White, George Washington Carver, Frederick Law Olmsted, Jr., Henry Shaw, Howard William Dill (the "Pumpkin King") and Helen Beatrix Potter

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