Arnold Pink Silverbells Tree seeds

Oakbrook, KY

I pulled a few seed pods from an Arnold Pink Silverbells tree. I think they are seeds. I can't seem to find any suggestions on how to grow the seeds? Do I need to do anything to them - or just plant the seeds directly to soil? I was hoping to plant the seeds in pots indoors - to give them months of growing through the winter season - would this work? Any help anyone could provide would be greatly appreciated. Thanks

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Hillsborough, NC(Zone 7b)

Are these silverbell trees? I would plant in pots -- easiet to keep track of. Those are edge of the woods type trees and so easy to get lost once you plant. This way you could give a good start. The seeds may have to go thru a period of cold first ( like in nature). I have purchased 3 silverbell - carolina . These grow to large trees. Got at a foot high - maybe a tad taller. Lost two ( to deer) and the last is ~ 4 feet high and doing well and actually flowered ( two blooms) which surprised me.

Scott County, KY(Zone 5b)

'Arnold Pink' is a selection of Halesia tetraptera (formerly Halesia carolina).

Silverbell can be grown from seed, but is a lengthy laborious process. Suggested nursery production regime is fall planting followed by two years of patience for emergence.

Combinations of warm and cold stratification treatments (or manual excision of embryos) can hasten germination. Are you game?

Google up Halesia tetraptera seed germination, and you'll find plenty of research and reports on this endeavor.

Oakbrook, KY

thanks very much for the help! I will definetly check into the link.

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