cucumber leaves spots...

Manchester, CT

Help, all of my older cucumber leaves have these yellow / brown spots on them. Some of the stems have off-white/yellow streaks on the stems. Any ideas? See the pictures...

Thumbnail by emag Thumbnail by emag
Woodhull, IL(Zone 5a)

Maybe downy mildew ?
Hopefully someone with experience will come along .

Manchester, CT

That sure looks like it. thank you. I'll start treating the plants with Daconil, see if that thwarts it.

Woodhull, IL(Zone 5a)

You're welcome...hope it helps.

Houston, TX

It looks to me like it might be a type of mosaic virus. Once a plant is infected you can't do anything but try to prevent it from spreading. I think you should research that and if there is a good chance that is what you have, remove the plants and destroy them before it spreads. :( Good luck!!! Please keep us posted.

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