July in the Aussie Brug Garden -Winter

Sydney, Australia

I can't believe there are still some blooms out there ...
and Bl**dy snails ! grrrrr
They have ruined one of the pretty blooms on Melissa Amy !
The batteries in my camera were almost done so the pics aren't their best.
here are some pics to brighten the day, I am afraid the frost has frizzled some but still there are some little darlings
to brighten our day.

pic 1&2 Brugmansia 'Melissa Amy' complete with snail damage.
pic 3 a big seedling that you could plonk on your head and wear as a hat, it's too tall for a close up.
pic 4 is Knightii (love it !)
pic 5 is cestrum's D.pink. (a bit torn from the wind).

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Sydney, Australia

We came from

I hope everyone is cosy and warm ...the sun was quite gentle outside but the Winter is nibbling around the edges,
So tempting to want to get to bed early each night.
I do love Winter !
Except for missing the Brugs.
I so adore those who still cling on, it's very sad saying goodbye to them, I just try to imagine what they will look like next season in their Spring outfits. That helps.


Sydney, Australia

Guess now Winter is here , a Winter break may be in order ... ^_^

catch up later.

Clifton Springs, Australia

My double white has opened and the skirt is dropping....it's very strong, the wind and rain have really belted it over the last two days....

The most surprising one to have flowers now, is Bruce's Pink.....it is loaded even though the bush is yellowing....one flower is almost open, I wonder how much colour it will get.

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West of Brisbane, Australia

Weather's been up and down here: 25 degrees two Fridays ago, followed by a week of rainy days and mild nights, now heading into sunny days and frosty nights again. Apparently it dipped to just under zero last night at the weather station but I don't think it fell that low in my garden and there aren't yet any visible signs of frost or its damage. The humidity will be back before I'm ready for it!

Some great blooms, Melissa Amy is a charmer! That double white with the creamy inner skirt is very pretty too Dianne, and esp welcome at this time of year. Bruce's Pink is interesting for me because of the batch of BP crosses that I've grown out (the best one being Pink Sweetie). Shaun, looks like you're a pioneer in breeding from Culebra--must feel good, eh?

Only some spot blooms left here, all of them suaveolens-type flowers (Aztec Gold, Bucks Fizz and white suaveolens), but the pods are hanging on and progressively maturing. (Allan, the shortest maturation time I've had for a brug seedpod was 12 weeks, but I'm finding the minimum now is about 16 weeks in this cooler weather--all short suaveolens or aurea-type pods--and up to 6 months or so for longer pods.) Plus, the Buddleja madagascariensis is in flower, sending out branches 3m or more in length which then cascade down with flowers at their tips--all from cuttings that I still haven't planted out into the ground (but the roots have definitely found their way out thru the drainage holes and anchored themselves into the soil). Alas, they do smell like cat pee!

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Merino, Australia

Love the white , Dianne.
My little arborea is still holding its flower after well over a week.
It has another just coming out.
Little cutie.

pic 1.. arborea flower
pic 2...arborea bud
pic 3.. Mango Cornet x Senorita Rosada
plus lots of new buds still coming
pic 4 .. PP going mad with buds. Thats a bit of MC on the left with buds.
pic 5..my little culebra.

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Clifton Springs, Australia

That Buddleja looks lovely cestrum......
I couldn't get Bruce's Pink to take, at all, over 2 flushes.....I can use it's pollen without any probs, but it's a very shy breeder here.....not even the bees can do the trick and it has lovely full flushes.....

Jean, I love the shape of the Arborea flower...is the perfume as strong in Winter?
You don't appear to have many yellow leaves....mine are all ratty and yellowing....
Mango Cornet x Senorita Rosada.......what a promising cross.......
How ever are we going to grow all the desirable crosses that are going to be available here in the new season.....plus what we have from OS....
Thank goodness they hold their viability....

I still can't get the El Dorado crosses to grow.......is anyone having any success with them?

Merino, Australia

Dianne, the brugs above are all on the front veranda so not showing as much yellowing as I am now seeing in most of the others.

Yes the arborea is still having the lovely perfume even in the cold. It doesnt hang around much but it is there.


Croydon, Australia(Zone 9a)

Jean, the arborea bloom is stunning, I can't wait
For my arborea, flava, Vulcan to bloom in spring
It will be a great hit to have the cool group bloom
First in spring then all the others should follow

Cestrum thanks for the comment on 'Culbera'
I really can't wait to germinate them

Clifton Springs, Australia

Shaun, do you mean the Magnolia "Vulcan"......you must post the pics if that's the one you mean....

Croydon, Australia(Zone 9a)

Dianne no it's vulcanicola not a Magnolia hahhahah
how cute

Clifton Springs, Australia

Of course.....you completely fooled me......it is a lovely Magnolia though.
Waiting on the Sphaeros is very exciting....can't wait for the first one, who's ever it is.....

West of Brisbane, Australia

Can't wait to see those first cold-climate seedlings flowering for the first time, either. What an achievement that will be!
Dianne, Pink Sweetie is a seedling from Bruce’s Pink x Alphonse Mucha (crossed by Alistair), so it is possible to get BP to set pods ... probably just need to hit upon the right set of conditions, a matter of perseverance in the end :-)
No luck with the arborea for me; still just a struggling small seedling despite the cooler conditions and its sheltered position. Just doesn't like it here!
Don't have any brug blooms worth photographing, so here's ... my native hibiscus :-) Abbey's Tangerine, in an unusual shade never seen before (reminiscent of one of its parents, Apricot Mist). It flowered continuously in spring, stopped in summer, and has now started spot flowering in winter in this unusual shade. Plants are interesting things, aren't they :-)

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Sydney, Australia

wow so we didn't go into Winter recess ...lovely to see the pics.

Your double white is looking good Dianne, ,ost of my Brugs have copped the frosty stuff now and the -1C wind chill factor off the Blue Mountains.

Jean your Arborea bloom is lovely !

cestrum I am with you , waiting for the cool climate kids. ^_^ (love the hibiscus)

Shaun ...I see Alistair has started his trip up North for the Expo ...when are you leaving ?

Allan I hope you get to meet him .

Well today my Melissa Amy (Grand daughter is 24) it makes me feel ancient but happy.
It amazes me that the Brug I named after her is still here to wish her Happy Birthday, The plant has been hit by the frost and snails but it stands there looking beautiful anyway as if she knows what the day is. ^_^

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Sydney, Australia

Nothing much left that hasn't been frost and wind frizzled.
Heart of Gold is all colours in this weather.
The last one is cestrum's, still creamy white.

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Sydney, Australia

Lol scrounging around here ...1 ) very tall seedling.
2) Tintarella is far prettier than the picture shows and smells beautiful at midday today .

Thumbnail by chrissy100 Thumbnail by chrissy100
Croydon, Australia(Zone 9a)

Chrissy, I'm leaving Friday afternoon leaving Melbourne @ 6.40 pm
im heading to Expo Saturday and then the Market @ sunshine coast Sunday so should be interesting
Melissa Amy is looking good there

It's 11.6oc here in Melbourne and og to 6.9oC last night so the frost has not hit as yet, so it will have to weight for a while and allow for the sun to come throw like it did today for about 3 hours

Alistair is doing his Book launch on Friday so ill not be seeing him there but it would be nice to see some one. hahahahha

Clifton Springs, Australia

Abbey's Tangerine is certainly very different in this weather cestrum..lovely soft colours....
Bruce's Pink is opening now, the eldest is 2 days, but showing no signs of colouring up.

Tantra is going along nicely, keeping it's green leaves and about to open it's flowers as well as holding it's pods.

Hope that Melissa Amy had a lovely birthday Chrissy, her namesake is doing very well....

The Knightii pod is doing ok....the pollen parent is Ivoire.....

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Sydney, Australia

Have a safe trip Shaun, can't wait to hear all about it, looking forward to seeing what treasures you bring home.
Please remember the camera, people don't mind you taking pictures at expo !

Yes Melissa had a lovely birthday Dianne, they will have a weekend long party as well.
Yes the white is going on here too mostly with frost burnt edges.
Good luck with that Knightii pod, very exciting !

So many things to look forward too ^_^


NW Sydney NSW, Australia

Hello all.

Great to catch-up with everyone's news and lovely pics. The pods are amazing this year.

Winter here has been very mild. I cannot remember blooms hanging on for so long, and so many!

Here are a few pics of 'Coral Reef' in winter dress.

Thumbnail by WayneCarter Thumbnail by WayneCarter Thumbnail by WayneCarter Thumbnail by WayneCarter Thumbnail by WayneCarter
Clifton Springs, Australia

If you don't want to go broke, don't look at Arghya Gardens.....Brugmansia crosses of all sorts..
Liz's garden must be wonderful when all the cvs flush....

Coral Reef look's great, Wayne.....you must be just warm enough to give it some colour..
My Bruce's Pink is snow white, but plenty of them.

Sydney, Australia

Yes we have been so lucky considering the weather Wayne, your beautiful coral reef is looking lovely, I don't mind the muted winter blooms.The pods are amazing this year, I put it down to a cooler wetter Summer. It will be very exciting to see our own bloom in a couple of years.
Even Frosty Pink is white here ...but still loved anyway for blooming. We have a fair bit of damage now but the more protected places are still in bloom.
I have so many crosses to grow out this year including my own, I don't dare look Dianne, it's rather amazing because Liz does not have a huge garden, she just has the right place, a lot of skill and a magic touch. ^_^


NW Sydney NSW, Australia

Thanks Dianne and Chrissy. Faded winter blooms - feel a bit that way myself! :) Off to the coast today, so I will remember to wear block out, just incase the sun does shine! LOL.

Here is an aurea (what was mistaken for GK), always seems to be in bloom.

Thumbnail by WayneCarter
Merino, Australia

Waynre, looking at that lovely aurea, I know why I love my GHA .. They are so much alike.
Your Coral Reef is s o lovely.
I do like her pale pink winter dress
If you see any sun up there, please send a bit this way so my babies dont forget what it is.

West of Brisbane, Australia

Your three blooming brugs are very pretty, Chrissy--glad they got a chance to bloom for you after the incredibly cold/wet summer you've had. They say that El Nino is coming so, although no one wants drought, maybe you'll get a good dose of summer sun later this year.
Coral Reef looks lovely, Wayne, and a mass of blooms. That unnamed aurea is putting on a splendid display too.
Pics please, Shaun! Wanda Hirth of Grandma’s Plant Nursery usually turns up at these festivals so make sure you check out her stall. She always has a terrific collection of unusual plants, including brugs but much more.
Nothing much in flower here among the brugs, so here's the Michelia figo (probably Lady of the Night). Didn't realise it was flowering until I smelt it!

Thumbnail by cestrum_SEQ
Croydon, Australia(Zone 9a)

Wayne I also love the aurea. This one I also have
And iv coined it as B.aurea (form) it was also called GC
from AListair
Coral reef is also a stunner and am sure that you'll
Have great flushes over the spring and summer season

Cestrum I will be looking for a few things but I do
Hae to be a bit careful with what I by as Melbourne
Weather won't allow to much to grow in our area versus

West of Brisbane, Australia

I have the same problem with many things sold at Qld festivals, Shaun! (Because of the winter frost.) But Wanda's garden gets frost too, I believe, plus she has such a wide range I can't see how you can walk away without buying anything LOL
You're sure to have a good time. Will you be blogging/uploading live? Or wait until you get back to your home PC?

Sydney, Australia

Running late today ...we had a plumber in to fix a broken pipe down near the front tap.What a drama !

Shaun good luck and safe trip. I have no doubts at all that you will come back with treasures. You can grow coldies Shaun we can't !

GHA is outstanding and best of all makes lovely kids ^_^

Friday again already !
1 )TT hit by frost
2 )cute tiny yellow noid pretty sure GHA is involved .
3) ditto 2
4) Love Potion no.9 beautiful thing full of blooms (most hit by frost though.)
5) seed pod hit by frost :( BB x ?)


Thumbnail by chrissy100 Thumbnail by chrissy100 Thumbnail by chrissy100 Thumbnail by chrissy100 Thumbnail by chrissy100
Sydney, Australia

Melissa Amy ...well I confess to removing one slightly frizzled bloom to investigate the goings on inside the bloom,
Three skirts ! and shreds. This is why those semi and full doubles need a bit of maturity before you get the full picture.
I love her
Pic 1) is her inner skirts (lovely colour-even though it's Winter Pale) That leaf is not her leaf.
pic 2) cestrum, this is still creamy ...Winter pale (no pink yet) ...can't wait to see your double in Spring.
3 4 5) is Heart of Gold in all kinds of creams and old gold.

Thumbnail by chrissy100 Thumbnail by chrissy100 Thumbnail by chrissy100 Thumbnail by chrissy100 Thumbnail by chrissy100
Sydney, Australia

Finally the Tintarella which really shows the "tan" Wayne speaks of, it seems to be a real tan(amber/toffee tints) coming out in the crevices and rims, I think it's a darling and particularly wonderful that the scent is still around as you check it out during the day. (excuse the weeds ).

Wayne have a great time ! come back refreshed. ^_^ I hope it won't be too brisk.

Have a great day everyone !


Thumbnail by chrissy100 Thumbnail by chrissy100
Sydney, Australia

Here comes the rain ...enjoy your weekend everyone!
be careful on the roads, anyone traveling and have fun at the Expo those of you who are attending ... ^_^


Clifton Springs, Australia

Chrissy, would Melissa Amy and Hope be 3 or 4?

Here are a couple of Tantra pics....I like it better now than in the warmer weather...it doesn't curl back and the perfume is lovely...
Maybe in future we are going to have at least a few flowering in Winter, depending when the previous flush was....
My Joseph's Coat is full of buds, some are half out of their calyx....
So is the Bruce's Pink...
Have a great time, Wayne and Shaun...


Thumbnail by Seachanger Thumbnail by Seachanger Thumbnail by Seachanger
Croydon, Australia(Zone 9a)

Cestrum I will not be live blogin this weekend
I will however get pics of some of the amazing
Plants and ? Store holders? Good week to
Net work

Sydney, Australia

Have a safe and productive trip Shaun. Alistair has had car problems I see, but I am sure he will get there somehow.

Dianne no HOPE in the pictures ...I chopped it all up for more plants.
HOPE is a very bright yellow.

I think you mean Heart of Gold.
good luck with Joseph's Coat, it would be lovely to see it , just remember the colours will probably be very muted (although there are some that do prefer the cold.)
Like Wayne said- how good is it to still have some blooms at this time of the year. Even pale ones.


Clifton Springs, Australia

Sorry to confuse you, Chrissy...when I re read what I wrote I could see how it would.....I meant how old are MA and Hope?
I read about Alistair's rat....yukko

Sydney, Australia

Well I hope they are having better weather up Nambour way, than we are having here. See pics.

MA and HOPE (HOPE is in Capitals) are four/three years approx.

Nothing much out there- snails/slugs are having a ball in all the dampness !
These are blooms of one of the Star dancer seedlings, smallish and looking just like Suaveolens but with longer tendrils and remain open during the day.

Thumbnail by chrissy100 Thumbnail by chrissy100 Thumbnail by chrissy100 Thumbnail by chrissy100 Thumbnail by chrissy100
Sydney, Australia

I forgot to say that the last picture in the previous post was the sky here ...again.
I also hope Wayne has nicer weather, though I think Beaches are exciting in the rain.
Well better batten down the hatches here ...storm approaches.
Stay warm everyone.^_^


Thumbnail by chrissy100 Thumbnail by chrissy100 Thumbnail by chrissy100 Thumbnail by chrissy100 Thumbnail by chrissy100
West of Brisbane, Australia

Interesting Star Dancer seedlings, Chrissy. Very pretty. Keep forgetting to comment on your cutting of my double pink--Phanomenal x Superspot I'd say, judging by its initial white colour. Hope you get a chance to sniff it and tell me how you'd describe the perfume. To me it's sometimes smelled of sherbet (lemony) and sometimes of talc.

Nothing much happening in my garden so took a walk around the neighbourhood with the camera and snapped some of the plants in flower:
1 Orange trumpet creeper (Pyrostegia venusta), this one not yet in full bloom. There's another quite spectacular one nearby that I must try to photograph.
2 Snowflake (Euphorbia leucocephala), the pinkish one in front and the more common white in the background.
3. One of the native bottle trees, Brachychiton rupestris, growing in somebody's front yard. So cute I was tempted to give it a hug :-)

Thumbnail by cestrum_SEQ Thumbnail by cestrum_SEQ Thumbnail by cestrum_SEQ
Clifton Springs, Australia

How lucky to have that big cuddly thing in a garden.....that's what I call forethought...I wonder if the current owners planted it....I had to put this pic in, it's the front entrance of the Geelong gardens, I have to touch them each time I walk past and the other day I took a pic..

Chrissy, the day is gorgeous here, blue,blue sky.....Jean would be the same and my Brugs are really soaking it up, Tantra's perfume is lovely, not really Aurea, just a hint of it...

Thumbnail by Seachanger
Croydon, Australia(Zone 9a)

Been to the QLD Garden Expo
I bought a few brugs that you guys will like in a
Year or so
Shiver me Timbers, Iced Lemon & Dizzy Spin
I also got a few bromeliad's and 2 Hippeastrum's
It has cost me a mint but all in all a good trip
Grandma 's garden are also giving me a plant or
Two cos of the cost Snow Cone & aurea white
I also asked where it's origin is if they could help
I also mentioned that we (me) interested in aurea's
If they had any I would also be interested In also
I spoke to hem about the QLD seller that rips people
And that also had the same problem but her problem
Was that she spent over $500 and felt ripped

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