CLOSED: Stained Glass Candlejar Lampshades - Mulberry

Tyler, TX(Zone 8b)

These are handmade from real stained glass. Size is approximately 4.75" x 4.25" Will fit any standard Mason-type candle jar...sorry, candle not included due to heat in transit.

Lampshades are paired by matching similarities in glass design, but due to the nature of stained glass, no two lampshades are perfectly identical.

Color is Mulberry.... I have 1 pair and 1 single available for trade.
Please see my trades Want List.....I know, my wish list includes alot of unusual/hard to finds, so I am open to other plant offers that I don't have (med. box for single lamp/large for pair)... just ask.

If interested, please send me a Dmail with your offers, and be sure to specify if you'd like a single or pair of lampshades.


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