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What to do with broken branch :(

Houston, TX(Zone 9a)

Hi there, this was a low growing/hanging branch on one of my larger plumeria's ("lemon drop") that had started to split away from the main trunk about a week ago - I think because it had become so large and too heavy to be supported at the angle it was growing. I wrapped some padded wire around the split to keep it stuck to the trunk & also staked it to support some of the weight. The foliage remained healthy, it continued to bloom, and I could see any signs that the limb was in any way starting to deteriorate.

Unfortunately after the heavy storms we received over the weekend the split worsened, & today it was just barely attached & hanging by a thin piece of wood. The leaves had started to wilt a little and a few of the older leaves were beginning to yellow. I went ahead and cut the piece that was keeping it attached and am wondering what to do with the broken branch. Should I stick it in a pot of dirt as is and hope it grows? Do I need to remove the foliage first? Should I cut it into smaller pieces to root? Help!

By the way, I am in the Houston area.


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Yuma, AZ(Zone 10a)

I would cut the leaves off and plant that branch in some well drained soil,E.T.'s lemon drop roots easily.

Houston, TX(Zone 9a)

will try that, thanks

Baton Rouge, LA

I would suggest that you cut off all the leaves and leave it on a shelf or similar place for a couple of weeks to let the bottom callous before potting it in soil. That will improve the chances of it not rotting.

Central, AL(Zone 7b)

Agreed with Jag1224, plumeria will root easily after the cut is healed. This one I rescued from a local nursery that couldn't root it properly. Viola! I did and have been enjoying the beauty for years. It's currently blooming.

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Virginia Beach, VA(Zone 8b)

I agree... Cut off all of those leaves and cut the stem at the bottom so it is flat across and while it is still running white sap. dip in roottone and let it callas. Some of us and in the PSA have been talking about this method and i have received good results by doing this. I rec some cuttings from a Very respectable gentleman in Huntington Beach, and his cutting were sealed this way. I will try this next time i have more cuttings. Just thought i would share my 2 cents worth.

Take care,


Here are some pic that are blooming now..

California SUnset

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