Ideas for 2 mini sheds

Spring City, TN

I have 2 main gardening areas -- one UPhill and one DOWNhill of the house -- and I was thinking about building 2 mini sheds to store tools so I wouldn't have to spend half the day carrying or looking for the tool I needed. Currently all tools are in the basement. I was picturing 3x3x6, slant roofed, and open fronted -- the size of an old fashioned outhouse without a door. . My property is completely fenced, so I'm not worried about theft. But my property is also completely HILLY, so up and down hills for extra trips is not fun.

Each shed would have the basics -- shovel, hoe, bucket, hose, hose attachments, pruning sheers, loppers, wheelbarrow hung on the side of the shed, and a chair next to the shed.... I already have two sets of STUFF, accumulated over the years, but I keep carrying and misplacing and hunting for what I need...

Any thoughts?

Lewisville, MN(Zone 4a)

We also have hilly terrain.
What I do is keep the tools in our big shed. I have a small 2 wheeled trailer for behind my riding lawn mower.
Throw what I need in the trailer and away I go. Our garden is over mile long, so saves lots of steps.

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Spring City, TN

I'm still dreaming of a riding mower and trailer. I'm pushing off 2 acres of grass... been great for staying in shape, but sucks when it's rainy and the grass GROWS.

Clermont, FL(Zone 9a)

Your idea for 2 outhouse/tool sheds I think is great. I have even seen them with the 1/2 moon on the front door but used for tools.
Would save you a lot of steps. When I first started landscaping my front yard BUT my garden shed is in my back yard so I bought me a cart on wheels that holds all tools upright thru holes with flat bottom on it. Also has canvas bag to hold smaller tools and plant ties etc. It didn't wheel very easy when I bought it so my husb. put bigger wheels on it and now I couldn't do without it and just drag it around wherever I need it but it stays out in front yard where I do all my flower and shrub gardening. I forgot your land was hilly so you would have to have 2 of these carts but I think the 2 mini shed idea is more practical.
Happy gardening.

Casper, WY(Zone 4a)

I don't know how much money you want to spend but I would check out Monard and Home Deport for small sheds. I just purchased a 8 x 10 ft Tuff Shed from Home Deport to use as a garden shed. You can check them out online at Monard have smaller sheds some that are made of hard plastic. Most home improvement centers sell sheds.

Below is the one I bought, all painted to match my house.

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Spring City, TN

Love your new shed, bet you'll have fun with it.

My project is closer to 18" by 36" and 6' tall, roofed but with the front open. Just need to store some hand tools out of the weather and not carry them up hill, carry them downhill, go back downhill for something I forgot, go back uphill for something I forgot....

Liverpool, United Kingdom

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Shawnee Mission, KS(Zone 6a)

I've seen a couple of small tool sheds that are just to hold tools. One of them utilized used doors for walls and door and had a peaked roof.

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