Plastic storage crate for quart jars ?

Riceville, TN

We have limited storage space (shelves) and my husband wonders if there might be a company that makes a stackable plastic crate that quart jars would fit it. Then we could store our canned vegtables and fruits in a neater fashion than our haphazard method we use now. We don't have a basement where we couild build shelves. In my next liftime I'm going to have cabinets, closets, shelves, & pantries all over my house. I hope some of you have found some good ideas.


Belleville, MI

While we DO have a basement, I have a LOT of canned goods to store. My hubby is building a new storage unit this weekend that we estimate will hold about 350 jars. The one we are building is 4'x2' and gonna make it about 6' tall. The person we got the idea from builds them about 3' high and makes them into usable pieces of furniture.

I am trying to find the link. He makes them into end tables, coffee tables behind the couches, and more.

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