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Laurel, DE(Zone 7a)

I have sprint phone service and use the LG Rumor Touch phone. I have always taken my photos and then sent them to Facebook via email using the special email addy assigned to my account. It has always worked w/o a problem.

Two weeks ago something changed. When I send a pic to FB from my phone the message on my FB status is "New Message - You have received a Picture Mail from [email protected]" and there is no photo? I called customer service and they tried some reset on my phone, but same thing still happens and of course now they say it is a FB issue?

Any thoughts appreciated.

Ellendale, DE(Zone 7a)

Hello. Even though this post is about a year old, my advice would be to get a card reader for the mini SD card that should be in your phone, and then transfer the photos directly into a desktop pc or a laptop. Then you can upload the photos directly to Facebook from the pc. An added bonus of doing it this way is that your pictures will not be compressed (resized) like they would be if you send them via wireless or email.

Magnolia, TX(Zone 8b)

FB and privacy issues, new formats, neverending. New sources for security concerns and gov't reading our txts and mails. Try 'Instagram' or one of several other now always online sources for sending pix. The upgrading of wireless systems, upkicking how many G's your phone system can send and recieve messes up the tried and true older stuff and new things leave the old behind.

Ellendale, DE(Zone 7a)

I do it the old way to preserve the integrity of the photo.

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