purple leaf plum?

Lucedale, MS(Zone 8b)

I have a purple leaf plum tree that dose not make plums do they need a polonator and if so what kind.My tree is about 5 years old it made 5 or 6 plums 2 years ago.Since then nothing I don't know what I am doing wrong? The tree looks OK to me???? all help would be appreciated

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Grass Valley, CA(Zone 9a)

Hi long time with no reply. I don't really think you need a pollinator but you could always just put in another one and see if it helps. This tree is more of an ornamental....not much of a plum tree. I would suggested getting a couple of real plum tree's if plums are what you want :). Don't know your chill hours but I like Santa Rosa plums...and I am going hunting for a sugar tree plum:).

Bay Area, CA

Most purple leaf plums are meant to be ornamental only and are not made for fruiting. Some purple leaf plums tend to give more fruit than others, such as the Thundercloud. Krauter V. and Purple Pony rarely fruit. If you want a fruiting plum, you may need to get a green leaf variety such as Santa Rosa.

Lucedale, MS(Zone 8b)

I know the purple leaf plum is not known for real good fruit.My tree did make A small amount of fruit 2 years ago . I am just trying to find why it is not producing Anny more. The fruit I did get were pretty good. I do have another plum tree that makes yellow plums I don't know what kind it is . I was wondering if I needed A different pollinator I did not know it was self pollinating.I apreshate the info. I will keep looking to see if I am doing something wrong

Grass Valley, CA(Zone 9a)

John222... I have looked thru most of my old Hort class books trying to find info on it being self pollinating. Nothing list for the tree since in the majority of cases it is treated as a landscape tree. Valued for its spring flowers and contrasting purple leaves. Mixed with other trees in design it can really make it pop.
That all aside I would say it is a self pollinating tree. They are not known to have an abundance of drupes. But can always add another tree....and it would help the drupe production. As a warning to you these trees are known to the landscape profession to be kind of a problem tree. They attract a lot of pest that will eventually make your tree unsightly....I would recommend getting systemic for this tree. Basically it takes the pesticide into the leaves at branches and kills all the pests that will/are feasting on your tree.

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