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Cleburne, TX(Zone 8a)

Been on Windows XP forever. New laptop computer has Windows 7. Trying to understand Libraries. I want to put just certain files on new laptop. 20 gigs of digital photos transferred with no problem because Pictures library was already set up. But I don't understand where I'm supposed to create a new folder for my eBook photo albums, for example. Am I supposed to first create a new folder for eBooks under my User folder on C drive (where the folders for My Pictures, My Videos, etc., are) and copy the files from USB to that folder instead of to a Library folder? If so, what is next step to include them in Libraries?

I am just thoroughly confused about this. I hate getting a new computer.


Monroe, WI(Zone 4b)

I hate Windows 7. LOLOL Don't know why I EVER thought I couldn't live without it. My desktop has 7, but the laptop has XP. At least I KNOW where to find "some" stuff on there. Win. 7, not a prayer. :>) Good luck.

Mebane, NC(Zone 7b)

If a program installed the libraries for you, just reinstall the program. If not, basically just create the folders in the same place as they were in XP or just create a folder in My Documents called 'ebook/photo album'. The first choice is definitely the best though.

Monroe, WI(Zone 4b)

Oh, I found the problem.............there seems to be a little box to the left of the "inbox" and somehow that was unchecked so nothing would show. Check box, and.......................wa-la..............all folders now show. Sorry for not posting the problem was rectified. :>)

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