Melbourne, Victoria, Australia

I am planning a trip to the barrier reef..... if your interested in coming along have a quick search of the net and find the equipment you need and get back to me on this thread. After all, I have to make sure you know what you are doing!

o.k. flippers.... wet suit.. now there's a good look!
diving watch...............................

Will jeeves be in it do you think?
What about you and the doc RR?? and WW you never know what plant life you will find under the water... it is truly amazing....
hey mystic! you may find some pearls!
come on sand...djm.... and the rest of you... I will charter a boat for us and we will be staying in a magnificent resort at night o.k.?

More info to come.....
no more ruffing it! A little luxury I think...
anyone else interested??? nana? horseshoe? lilth....maybe badseed... who knows what will happen??!!!

now if you can have a bright coloured wet suit great! the sharks wont think you are seals and that is their favorite food! they attack humans by mistake cos they look like seals so... perhaps a floral number for flowerpot.... sequins for RR and stars and moons for mystic!

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