do you deadhead shasta daisy?

Kankakee, IL(Zone 5b)

Deadhead Shasta daisy?

Warwick, RI(Zone 6b)

Ohhhh Ide be anxious to know also, as mine are all wilting and in need of a chop chop..wonder if they will bloom again?

central, NJ(Zone 6b)

yes and they will rebloom

here's a great deadheading guide

Kankakee, IL(Zone 5b)

Oh thanks so much! Tht is a handy little guide that I will use often!

Dublin, CA(Zone 9a)

If you're ever growing anything that's not on that list, my rule of thumb is when in doubt go ahead and deadhead, unless you want to save seeds. It's not going to hurt the plant to deadhead it, so the only downside is if you wanted to collect seeds and it doesn't rebloom then you will miss out on the seeds. But if you're not worried about seeds then go for it!

Arroyo Grande, CA(Zone 9a)

I cut mine all the way to the ground after they're done for the year so don't worry, they'll be back!
They should be divided when the clump gets to be about 3 feet wide.
I divided mine last year, moving them to a new location.
They are all blooming again this year and I can even see some new side growth.

Opp, AL(Zone 8b)

I don't like to look at dead flowers and cut them all off unless saving seeds, as mentioned.

Warwick, RI(Zone 6b)

I wanted to save seeds, but husband chopped it all the way down. I will see if it grows

Thumbnail by ridoodles
Warwick, RI(Zone 6b)


Thumbnail by ridoodles
Dublin, CA(Zone 9a)

It should grow again--but maybe not in time to bloom again this year. You never know though!

Kiowa, CO(Zone 5b)

ridoodles what shrub is that? Most shrubs don't rebloom, there are exceptions tho Butterfly bush, Spiareas, Roses.

Thumbnail by warriorswisdomkathy
Ayrshire Scotland, United Kingdom

That beautiful Blue flowering shrub is a Clematis, a climber that grow's through / up / over either a frame or another host plant / shrub or tree.
They come in all shades from white to almost black purple, multi coloured pinks, red's, cream / yellow and they also have types that flower at different times of year, in the cooler areas you can grow Clematis that are in flower Autumn winter or very early spring, then onto early flowering types flower from April to June and others that flower from June timm September so there are Clematis for all seasons depending where you live (zones)

To grow them they like their roots in shade and top growth in full sun, a rich soil with added humas / manure etc, when you plant your new pot grown Clematis, always plant them about 4-6 inches deeper than they are growing in the pot, this way if you ever get Clematis wilt disease, (only the top growth dies off and no one knows why) deeper planting allows the plant to regrow from under the soil, never allow the soil to get too dry, always water the root area and try not to soak the foliage as it can cause mold to form, I give mine a good feed early spring to help boost there new growth and be careful if you use a garden how, dont damage the roots under the soil as they take badly to root disturbance.
Hope this helps you on the way to treying out Clematis growing as there is always a space for a bit of hight in every garden or border or wall / frame.
Good luck, WeeNel.

Kiowa, CO(Zone 5b)

Thanks wee...neat clem that I planted at my daughters house several years ago.....I just found out the other day, they want it my absolute delight, lol......I've been envious of it for years at how good it does and how fast it grew from a 21/2" pot. But then again I planted it at the base of a downsput from the gutter. Told my daughter I can't move it yet cuz it's too warm, so in about another month I get to bring this baby home.....Thankyou, thankyou, thankyou!!!!!! Kathy

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