I need suggestions.

Sapulpa, OK

This is my first attempt at any type of mosaic work. It is made of stained glass chips and aquarium gravel. This is the back side as it lays on my light table. When it is flipped and ready to grout, the fish will be more orange than red. I can't decide what color to grout. I am thinking pearl grey because it is neutral but I just don't know. I would really appreciate any suggestions.

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Tacoma, WA

Try this link: http://www.thejoyofshards.co.uk/projects/pr2mirr.shtml

I think pearl grey will be too light. A darker color will really make the fish pop. Susan

Tacoma, WA

Oh, I think it's very cute too. Please post the results after the grouting! Susan

Hillside, NJ

Cover all the surface with masking tape but the fish, then grout the fish with a dark color; when the grout dries, cover the fish only and grout the rest with the pearl grey grout - the fish will pop out and you'll have a beautiful piece of artwork.

Best to you,


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