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New to wood burning

Murray, KY

My wife and I are wanting to install a wood stove, before the cold weather comes back, due to high cost of LP and electric heating. Our house is roughly 2300 square feet 2 floors. It sounds almost too good to be true that the right stove setup will heat the entire house comfortably since they are essentially only "space heaters." So is it indeed possible to heat our entire home with one wood stove-given that the installation is done well?

Durhamville, NY(Zone 5b)

Evenly and without some hot and cold areas - not likely. Two stories is most likely better than a long narrow ranch. In the era of a house solely being heated with wood space heaters, they either had multiple ones or the accepted that areas away from the stoves would be a lot cooler than near the stoves.

Fans and blowers make a big difference. If you get 75% from wood and 25% from your propane I think you'll be good. If it's forced air the central heating system will move heat around pretty good.

You should take wood burning stove for coming winter, it will help to reduce the LP and electric bill and easily installed in your home without any problem.

wood burning stove

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