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Mother Nature dropped Rose Bush in the wrong place!

Vancouver, WA

Hi from Pacific Northwest,
For the 2nd year, Mother Nature has given me a couple of rose bushes, but they are in a location which will not support them and last years died.
The location where Ma Nature put them is very exposed to weather and can get very dry in high summer.
Also, we had trees in that very spot until 4 years ago, when we had to remove them. Not even weeds grew there for a couple of years.
How do I save these baby plants? Dig them up and move them? How should I prepare the soil? I am afraid a move might kill them but I think they will die where they are.

Thumbnail by CelticJane Thumbnail by CelticJane
Dublin, CA(Zone 9a)

If they're going to die where they are, then you really have nothing to lose by trying to move them if you're sure you want them. But rose bushes that pop up on their own where they weren't planted may not be a type of rose that you want--there are some wild rose species that can be invasive in some areas. I don't know what species this particular plant is or which ones (if any) are a problem in your area but I would see if you can find that out before you go to the trouble of transplanting them. You could try posting your pictures in the Plant ID forum to see if anyone can tell you what rose this is, although without flowers it may be hard to tell.

Calgary, AB(Zone 3b)

It looks a bit more to me like Rubus than Rosa... ?

Opp, AL(Zone 8b)

Yes, looks like blackberry or raspberry vines. Get your shovel out and get all of the roots while you still can if you don't want a whole yard full of that. Look over the fence, you may find the source if it's not a new seedling. They creep underground and come up... wherever.

Were the removed trees walnut, by chance?

Burien, WA(Zone 7b)

My first thought was blackberry, but if that's true, it would not have died. They are extremely hardy (invasive!)

Opp, AL(Zone 8b)

Can you take a pic of a stem? That would solve this.

Vancouver, WA

hallo all

I now have 9 little babies of whatever. The stems are very thorny. I will get a picture to post. If this is blackberry, are all of these connected under the earth?

My largest plant is shaping up like a vine, growing out rather than up.

The removed trees were not walnut, they were redwoods, put in about 30 years ago when there was lots of open ground - heartbreaking to take them out.

Prairieville, LA(Zone 9a)

That certainly sounds like one of the berry plants...and yes, they do grow from runners underground.

Vancouver, WA

So here is a stem of this mystery plant...hope this solves it, as Purpleinopp suggests.
On another site, I saw that here in the Pacific NW, the Himalayan Blackberry is very invasive. Hopefully this ain't it. Any thoughts? And thanks to all for the help.

Thumbnail by CelticJane
Burien, WA(Zone 7b)

Looks like the Himalayan blackberry to me, they also spread by seed and in spring they make new plants where the tips touch the ground. They grow by leaps and bounds. My back yard used to be completely covered with these things. The neighbors still have some.

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