Pest control options that will NOT burn in the 100+ heat?

Lawrence, KS

I had been controlling mites and some tiny little white speck of a critter on my tomato plants with neem oil/soap/water spray. We've had 100+ degree temps here (107 yesterday) for over 2 weeks now. The night temps have remained about 85, so not much relief at night either. I'm in Eastern Kansas, so we also have humidity issues, which I see several of you are saying the mites don't like...well, these must be Kansas mites :-) Please don't tell me to spray off the plants with water, due to the humidity I've also seen some bacterial or fungal stuff on the tomatoes, unless it's bug damage, but I am fighting PM on my zucchini and I don't want to make that worse with water on the plants. I did spray Actinovate on the tomatoes & squash to try to battle those issues in place of the neem... I've got some plant damage, and I've been afraid to use anything that will burn the leaves in order to control the bugs. I am organic and would like to stay that way if possible, I especially don't want to harm the bees since I need them for the squash, (I was careful with the neem to use it at night). Any suggestions for an organic, no leaf burn, pesticide for the tomatoes? Thanks! (I know, not asking much here!)

Anderson, IN(Zone 6a)

Diatomaceous earth - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia earth I haven't had it burn anything ever....

Charlotte, NC(Zone 7b)

This episode of Growing a Greener World is all about organic pest control...

Liberty Hill, TX(Zone 8a)

Neem is organic and works good on mites. But any insecticide organic or not is going to kill bees. Incecticides are not recommenced for mites anyway. If anything they will kill the bees but not the mites. You need something for mites. Those temps make gardening very difficult.

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