Rose with fragrance similar to Snow Goose

Alba, TX(Zone 8a)

Every year when the heat and humidity kicks in I am delighted by the fragrance of Snow Goose. The hot, sticky summers here really seem to bring out SG's fragrance and I can smell it from any yards away. I'd love to get a few more roses with the same fragrance but not a climber. Any suggestions?

Tyler, TX

According to the David Austin Technical Manager, Michael Marriott, the musky fragrance is also very strong in the variety Scarborough Fair. It is mostly found on the singles and semi doubles like Skylark, The Lady's Blush (available in the US in 2013), Comte de Champagne, Belle Story and Francine Austin as the fragrance comes from the stamens and not the petals. Another semi double Buttercup is one of Michael's very favourite varieties for fragrance which is quite different but absolutely delicious.

Falls Church, VA(Zone 7b)

Hi. I've never sniffed a Snow Goose, so I probably may be off. But I never say never. This past week I got a surprise-I found a deliciously, beautifully fragrant KNOCKOUT rose!!! It's the "Sunny Knockout". The buds are warm yellow and open to creamy white flowers! The scent is potent. It is also more compact and bushier than the other Kockouts. I was really imprssed by Sunny's fresh look and wonderful perfume! The label says that Sunny is the only fragrant Knockout so far.

I actually went to the local nursery to look for colorful fall mums, but they weren't selling any yet. Instead, they had an impressive stock of red, pink and the yellow Knockouts. I smelled the scent and walked righgt past them, looking around the nursery for the source of the intoxicating scent. I couldn't believe it was the Sunny's. I wasted no time in buying it.


Alba, TX(Zone 8a)

Why, thank you so much helencaine and Foxnfirefly. And gosh, Scarborough Fair and Skylark and on my Autin wish list for this year! Ooooo, and I've been eyeballing Lady's Blush on the UK version of the Austin website. I was just going through the new introductions section of my Sep/Oct American Rose magazine. I think Mr Austin will be getting my birthday money this year! I'm usually not a fan of the Knockouts just because of the lack of fragrance. But I may take a look at the Sunny Knockout--thanks for bringing it up.

Alba, TX(Zone 8a)

Buttercup is my very favorite as well. It is blooming now and I am in seventh heaven!

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