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northeast, IL(Zone 5a)

I'm looking for a new fridge and price is of primary importance. I'm not in a real rush, I have a 30+ year old fridge that works, but the freezer doesn't really freeze things solid. I'd prefer a freezer on the bottom, but realize that they are much more expensive than top freezer models. I don't need big, I don't need fancy, it's just me and the dogs here. Any ideas on what to look for, what brands to check out, what to avoid??


Jackson, MO(Zone 6b)

momcat, I do a lot of on line research by putting refrigerator reviews or some such in a google search. I had an Amana bottom freezer and loved it. I now have a side by side Whirlpool, and I can't say I like it. My next ref. will be with the freezer on the bottom. I think Whirlpool makes Amana now. I think having the freezer on the bottom is worth the extra money.

Laceys Spring, AL(Zone 7a)

I love my french door bottom freezer. I don't know if they are cheaper, but if you don't want/need the double french doors, there are also single door models with the freezer on the bottom. A friend bought one of those because of her kitchen configuration. She is also single and didn't really 'need' the biggest of refrigerators. As for the freezer, even tho we are both tall, we find there are not as many things that get lost in this freezer as they did in the side-by-side we had. There are 2 drawers on top that are pretty deep and I use those a lot. I can stand up a carton of ice cream in the bottom or use the bottom for larger or stacked items and never lose sight of things. And things stay cold and firm, like the ice cream. I have a Jenn Air, but if I had to buy again I'd buy a Kitchen Aid. My old fridge went belly-up and I had to buy what was in stock at the time without waiting a couple of weeks. Bad idea. Should have waited. It's ok but I do like K-A. Samsung also looks pretty good but don't know much about their history.

northeast, IL(Zone 5a)

Thanks for the input. I've been trying to refinance my house, so the fridge hunt has been put on the back burner, but it's still something I'm planning on getting before the holidays.

Jackson, MO(Zone 6b)

Outside: What are the features you don't especially like on your JennAir? and why would you chose the KA or the Samsung? There seems to be a lot of Samsung in this area.
I am a little concerned with the drawer that is right above the freezer in the refrigerator part. It looks a little useless. I would like to know how it is working out for you.
Thanks for commenting.

(Zone 9a)

LOL, my BIL nad his wife have that fridge and he has claimed that drawer as his alone for his own snacks, drinks and whatever. He never has to search for what he wants, I think it is hysterical.

Stamford, CT(Zone 6b)

Birder, Whirlpool does not make Amana. Amana makes Amana and manufactures many of the bottom freezers for other manufacturers to their specifications. Whirlpool OWNS Amana, and Amana still manufactures with its own peculiarities. Certain brands I cannot publicly name look lovely but once they break, no one want to fix them as they have not used common standards.

Momcat, there is no question that the cheapest refrigerators are those with top freezers. They are not part of a designer series, and the manufacturer makes the least amount of money on them. And you can get a wide pan into them. The cheapest lines of the top four manufacturers will be Hotpoint and Roper. Those least expensive top mount freezers seldom have electronic thermostats and gadgetry like their big brothers. If the brand on the refrigerator is not one you recognize, do not buy it or else expect to replace it the first time something goes awry.

That said, you should buy the refrigerator that you like. You will never again have a household refrigerator that l lasts 30 years. The most you can hope for is 13 years, and if you get more than that, you are lucky. During the Reagan administration, legislators put into law a requirement for household refrigerators manufactured after 1994. It essentially makes them energy efficient, so it costs less to run. When you get that benefit, you give up something else, and it is long refrigerator life. The operative word is "household" or domestic. Commercial refrigerators are exempt from these EER ratings. I think built-ins are also exempt, but they start around $5,000, and their cooling systems carry a 12-year warranty. I know you are even more confused. Most of those Oldies But Goodies still around are avocado, harvest gold, etc. Pretty dated, wouldn't you say?

Just because your neighbor / relative / friend / teacher / salesman recommends a particular refrigerator brand or style, it does not mean it will suit your precise needs.

Ardesia's brother-in-law doesn't care as long as he has his snack drawer. That's using his head.

Laceys Spring, AL(Zone 7a)

Birder, I don't have the model that has the separate drawer between the french doors and the bottom freezer. Sorry, I meant the inner freezer drawers that slide. Didn't mean to mislead there. But I can see where that middle drawer would be handy for a large family with kids for snacks, or for things you didn't need to use every day, etc.

I am a big water drinker, so a must-have for me was an outside ice and water dispenser and a filter system. At the time I bought mine, KA and Jenn Air were the only ones that offered that. I had a KA side-by-side and I loved that big old thing. I also liked the crushed ice that the KA dispensed. I didn't realize the Jenn Air didn't have it. When the KA died I already knew I wanted the cabinet-depth model, but it would have taken 2 weeks to get the KA and they had the Jenn Air in stock. I figured they were about the same. The Jenn Air is very quiet and laid out about the same and it is a good refrigerator, but I still think the KA was a hair better in some respects. I find some cold, icy spots inside the JA if I overload it. But the filter is very easy to change in this one.

Chongqing, China

I think you can skimming though some shops in internet. I like shopping on-line very much. A friend of mine just bought a fridge and he told us it's good. So, you can shopping on-line. You can choose a cheap and durable one though it may out of fashion, it's OK.

Stamford, CT(Zone 6b)

Buying an appliance online would not be a good idea if you knew what goes one. You get what you pay for if not less.

Los Angeles, CA

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I would not take advice from a non-DG member with an ulterior motive.

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Thanks, Melody.

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