black mission fig tree

Orchard Grass Hills, KY

i have a black mission fig tree in a container on deck growing very nice its about 5ft tall,can you give me any info,when should i get figs,how to save this tree when winter comes,anything at all? thanks petsaverannette

Vicksburg, MS(Zone 8a)

I don't know what zone you are. Down here I prefer to plant mine out in the fall so they will have a better root system come next summer when they likely won't get much rain. I mulch them well to keep the roots warm. I don't have any black missions--mine are Celeste and brown turkey. They all started putting figs on when they were about 5 feet tall. If they put too many, I thinned them until the trees got bigger. If you plant it outside, it may put on a small crop for you next year.

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