Building shallow steps from pavers

Spring City, TN

I've got a LOT of paver blocks set without morter but on top of fine gravel as the floor of dogkennels. LOVE them. Simple to do, inexpensive, and I can do it with or without help.

Now I'm going to block in a very shallow "ramp" of dirt and turn it into shallow steps. The area is 6'x40' and drops about 4 feet total. And I'm doing steps instead of an incline so I don't slip -- like I did on the icy gravel last winter.

I've never built steps. And I'm having trouble wrapping my brain around a couple of concepts.

1) If I follow the contour of the existing plane (which seems simplest), then I'll have uneven steps. But I'm thinking there will only be 6 steps total, and they will be fairly wide, so it may not matter.

2) The top of the steps are against the house, so that doesn't move. Before I've always just started at the bottom of the paver project, fixed an edge aproximately where I want it, started laying block, and when I had as much as I wanted, I'd finish the edge. It's worked before with the kennel but this needs to be more precise. Or maybe I'm borrowing trouble and I could just end as close to the basement concrete block wall as possible and fill in the rest with quickcrete or pieces or something else...?

3) The step up itself can be bigger blocks or I could use crossties to change elevation. The crossties are simple and once in place WILL NOT WIGGLE when I'm done with them. Bigger blocks will be pieces and may shift a little and may be harder to get a consistent edge.

Anyone built this kind of hardscaping? Any pictures of similar projects? Any suggestions? Thanks.

Ayrshire Scotland, United Kingdom

Books in the Library or book store will show you how, what you need and the proper hight of each tread to prevent accidents, too low a riser can cause falls, people to miss there footing and there are safety issues for such, I know you are talking about private garden or kennels etc, but believe me, there is always someone who can cause problems for you and maybe cost so all you need os the know-how how to build the steps AND make them safe at NO extral cost.Also google how to ???? and there may be the info you need.
Good luck. WeeNel.

Spring City, TN

Thanks for the reply, Nel!

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