Is this a termite or an ant?

Shirley, MA

Omg either way I'm FREAKING OUT!!!!

Do you suspect this to be a termite or an ant? Should I burn my barn down?

"Move into a rural location" they said. "See the world" they said.

Thanks for any suggestions!



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Charleston, SC

It looks like a winged ant (called an alate). The elbowed antennae are clues.

Minot, ND

Yes. Looks like a carpenter ant (Camponotus sp.)

Grenada, MS(Zone 8a)

No need to "burn the barn" either way..????...just get something to spray for them or have a pest control unit come out and take care of them.
If you have "rural" neighbors that are long time residents of the area they can more than likely help you with what works to get rid of them.

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