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iasi, Romania

I am trying to add Phalacrotophora fasciata in the bug database.
In Diptera, Phoridae, there is only one category created, (Megaselia scalaris).
Is there a way to create Phalacrotophora fasciata category?
Thank you

Churchill, Victoria, Australia(Zone 10a)


you should be able to add the new species yourself. On the BugFiles home page: you will find a link
Add a new bug to the database.
Select this and you will have five boxes to fill in.
The first, Common Name: can be left blank if no common name is known.
The second, Order: should be Diptera
Family: should be Phoridae
Genus: should be Phalacrotophora
and Species: should be fasciata
then select the Add the bug button.

For this example, I have completed the process and the page is now available at:
but the process is available any time you want to add another species.

I look forward to seeing your images added for this fly. We have no images illustrating the family Phoridae in the index and would be pleased to select one of yours to add to the index,


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