Cherry Brandy Rudbeckia

Silver Spring, MD(Zone 6b)

Have you grown Cherry Brandy Rudbeckia from seeds? I wintersowed the commercial seeds in 2010, and they are finally blooming this year but are crowded out by liatris and Shasta Daisies..Do you think it would be safe to transplant them now or should I just wait till Sept. They are not getting enough sun where they are now because of where they are planted.. The seeds I bought from T&M (on sale and they were still overpriced I recall but I thought they were so pretty so I just had to have them!) Would love to know other gardener's experience growing this plant.

Dublin, CA(Zone 9a)

I haven't grown that one, but the middle of summer is probably the worst time to transplant anything (even in a normal year--let alone a year like this one where so many areas are experiencing extreme heat), so unless they're in danger of dying where they are then I'd wait until fall to move them.

Silver Spring, MD(Zone 6b)

I think your are right. Thanks for your response and kindness as always. I will wait till mid to late Sept. I was thinking that this plant might be a candidate to take to the Fall plant swap, as well as the Burgundy blanket flower. Have some other ideas for that area for next year.

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Pittsburgh, PA

I have grown this plant from seed and I did get the cherry brandy color.

This year I bought a plant, since I had no luck with the 1st plant re-seeding. The plant is blooming and it's flowers are rudbeckia "gold" with red tips. That is a real disappointment. I was looking foward to the cherry brandy color...

I am going to try to find another greenhouse that is selling them. I love that color.


Silver Spring, MD(Zone 6b)

The jury is out on this one but I've heard others voice the same complaint about it. Disappointment in color..Is this the only reason people haven't liked it?

Jackson, MO(Zone 6b)

Hi Pippi, I have been away from DG for awhile--working on household updates. Ugh! So, I am late in responding.

I planted R. 'Cherry Brandy' about five or six years ago. It bloomed beautifully for about two years--then, it came back as a very deep gold with maroon tips. I was quite pleased with the color, even though, it was no longer my 'Cherry Brandy'. I also really liked the 'Cherry Brandy' color with big, gorgeous dark maroon flowers. I too purchased my seed from TM. They had this flower on the front of one of their catalogs, and it caught my eye.

I thought the original plant had died, and the seed from the R. 'Cherry Brandy' grew as this beautiful deep gold and maroon tipped petaled flower. The blooms are quite large and showy. This gold and maroon plant has since re-seeded more--very slowly. I now have some of the normal Rudbeckia gold flowers which I am not as crazy about. The blooms are rather puny and the plant is quite small. I will wait a few more years before I pull the newest ones out as we have had excessive heat and a drought all summer. However, I do like the originally planted Rudbeckia's structure and its hardiness. I don't do much to take care of it.

I have a picture of the deep gold and maroon bloom somewhere, but do not have my pictures organized, nor do I know how to really go about getting them organized.

Danielsville, GA(Zone 7b)

I too planted this from seed, from T&M, and they were eye-catchine, but failed to show the second year. Many of the yellow variety still look beautiful, and all these seed were ordered from T&M.
Does anyone have a positive on the" Chery Brandy", and where they got their seed.I would like to establish them.
Also, does the problem stem from cross polination? I don't see how this could be avoided.
I am going to plant the seed from some of the yellow variety, and hope they are true. Mike

Pittsburgh, PA

The first time I grew cherry brandy it was from seed and they were red. They bloomed the next year and they were red, also. Then, I lost them. I did not save the seeds.

I have grown rudbeckia 'cappucino', from seed and it came true. The red was so vivid, they were beauties. They reseeded themselves and I have them again this year.

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Danielsville, GA(Zone 7b)

The chery brandy, that I grew was a dark red, and dark around the petles. I am going to try planting some more, and hope they stay. What I am afraid of is, they cross polinate with the common, and yellow, and faise out. Mike

Jackson, MO(Zone 6b)

The R. 'Cherry Brandy' was the only Rudbeckia I had in my entire yard with no one else growing it around me. So, I don't think it was "cross" pollination at least not mine. I think it resorts back to its "parents".
My plant now looks like the R. 'Cappacinno'. My blooms are quite large.

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