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Wisteria flowers

SUNDERLAND, United Kingdom(Zone 9a)


I have had a Wisteria planted at my front porch for about 5 yrs.
The plant is facing South and gets the sun most of the day.
The plant has never flowered.
Can anyone tell me why it is not flowering?
Many thanks

Thank-you for your tip of being patient gardenworm2 and for the link to AT pruning video tommy- very good!

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Standish, MI

When we purchased ours 9 years ago we were told that they bloom after the first 7 years. Ours gets a lot of shade and did not bloom until last year and then it only had a few flowers. This year being the 9th year it had several buds but we had frost late and most of the buds froze leaving only a few to bloom.

Poughkeepsie, NY(Zone 6a)

Pruning practices play a big roll. As well as age. When you prune the vines back leave 5-6 nodes on each vine. Also be sure to feed the plant.

Go watch this video!

Johnson City, TN(Zone 6b)

For several years my wisteria didn't bloom either. The last couple of years it has been full of flowers and even bloomed a second time. Not as many blooms the second time around though. I noticed last week I had 3 blooms on it. I think this weather is confusing it. We went from temps in 100's and no rain to 70's-80's and rain every day. Pruning does play an important part.

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