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What kind of spidey is this?!

I watched this spider build it's web outside my window at night a few weeks back and she hasn't left! She only seems to come down onto her web at night (which has meant some very hot nights as I'm too terrified to open my window!). Taking a photo I noticed how shiny she was/the dimpling/markings on her and thought I'd try and work out what it is. I think possibly a false widow looking at some other pictures, but thought I would ask here if that seems right?

Sorry for the pretty rubbish pic- without the flash you couldn't see detail.

Thumbnail by sarah8912
Minot, ND

This looks more like an orb weaver, but can you describe her web? Did it appear to have a regular pattern, or did it just seem to be a tangled mess?

Have taken and attached a pic- I can't find a picture of an orb weaver that looks similar to this one (though I have no clue about this stuff really- just know that I found a handful of false widow pics that looked like my spider, no orb weaver ones)!

Thumbnail by sarah8912
(Zone 7a)

I see a definite orb.

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