Lowe's Loot

Winterville, GA(Zone 7b)

Made out like a bandit today at Lowe's discount cart ... paid a little over $24 for all this:

Weigela "Wine & Roses' reg. $19.98 on sale for $9!
Clematis 'Nelly Moser' no reg price sticker, $5 for a 5 gal pot.
Clematis 'Dr. Ruppel' no reg price sticker, $2.75 for a 1 gal pot.
Euonymus Emerald Gaiety reg price $6.98 for $2.
Indian Hawthorne 'Eleanor Tuber' reg. $5.98 for $2.50.
Spirea 'Magic Carpet' reg $5.98 for $2.

I love that discount cart! Usually the plant look in pretty bad shape, but all of the ones I got look in great shape.

Warrenton, VA

What a great feeling of satisfaction you must have! I have a Crape Myrtle that is blooming freely right now that was bought at Lowe's last year, similar situation. I feel that I "rescued" the shrub, and so, you have done the same! I also haunt the clearance spots in the local nurseries regularly, got one HUGE Thunderhead Pine this way just a month ago. Could not have afforded it any other way, and I kinda like the gnarly, uneven growth pattern it shows. The flattened back side (it isn't symmetrical and that's probably why it didn't sell) is not problem for my site.

Congratulations, and keep on!

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