Haz Mat

Orange, MA(Zone 5a)

The lenghty container gardening thread sparked a concern which brings me to this
I have found 35% solution Hydrogen Peroxide on the inter-net at $57.20 per Gal whitch covers a Haz-Mat Fee of 27.50 (hazardous materials ) what ever size you buy. first is the potential danger of storing a hazardous liquid if it is purely for preference as the math indicates is not cheaper
1 gal 35% $57.20 mixed at 11:1 12 gal mixed =128oz *12=1536 oz of 3% solution
35% at 57.20 / 1536 oz =.0372 per oz cost for 32 oz is $1.19
3% at 1.08 / 32 oz =.0337 per oz at Walmart $1.08 .11 cents less
more convient package size and no hazard rebuttal could be I use 6% solution at times
1 Gal of water 1.5 tsp of 3%HP cutting dip
1 Gal of water 3 tsp of 3%HP is now a 6% solution I did check with a Pharmacist who has a better grasp I spent two days mulling this over believe it is correct any case is worth the concern

BUda, TX(Zone 8b)

Just to really mess with your math, Sam's carries the same quart bottles of H2O2, but it's $1.74 for 2 quart bottles. Just to let you know...

Orange, MA(Zone 5a)

likewise I purchased 32oz of 3% at walmart for $.88
the point being even at a higher cost it would still be a value when considering the risk
a safer path to the same end
would you tell me what prompted you to post (A dmail is not scrutinized on this site is it )

Dublin, CA(Zone 9a)

35% hydrogen peroxide is a dangerous material to have around, I wouldn't buy it if I were you. It is a strong oxidizer and can start fires if it comes in contact with something flammable (such as your cotton shirt, paper, wood, etc), also the containers can explode if stored improperly. It's also corrosive and can cause some pretty severe damage to your eyes, etc.

The more dilute versions (3%, etc) are dilute enough that you don't have these problems so even if they're a little more expensive, in this case it's well worth spending the extra money for a product that you can handle safely.

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