Shade cloth question and trading etiquette question

Ellerbe, NC(Zone 8a)

Hi Guys,

I'm building a shade house so my Epis can spend the summer out of the greenhouse oven. LOL Gets about 115 in there even with an exhaust fan , louvered windows and oscillating fans inside.

I bought a roll of snow fence to use for the shade house roof ( I plan on building a sturdy frame and using the double woven 13 guage galvanized wire between the slats to hang the baskets from. The fencing has 1 1/2 inch slats with a 2 1/2 inch space between them. I think I'll be needing a shade cloth on top of it, but what percent sunblock should I buy? I'm hoping someone out there can help with this problem. I don't want to give them too much shade, but the North Carolina sun can be brutal.

Trading Question: I have about 50 different Epis now, and about 20 different aporophyllum. Problem is, they are getting big enough to take cuttings from and trade, but few of them have bloomed, so I'm not POSITIVE of their ID. Is it acceptable to trade cuttings as long as I tell the person I'm trading with and let them know to check the flower when it blooms? What do you all think?


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Santa Ana, CA(Zone 10b)

I can't help you with the sunblock question, but on the trading question I just wrote a new tag for one the lady said was purple. It turned out to be a second dark orange, after waiting three years for it to bloom. I, personally would wait until you have seen them bloom, but if you really must prune them you should tell the recipient you haven't seen it and this is what it's SUPPOSED to be.


Mesilla Park, NM

Ac OCD girl, were you able to make your shade house, and would you mind posting a photo of it, I also am wanting to make something relatively small.

I was planning on using four plastic lattice panels, one for the roof, then the three for the sides. But I'm not too sure, I'm thinking a table in the inside or potting bench the length of the lattice.. I would love to see yours if you don't mind.

Thank you,

Mountain View, HI

Rox - I would go ahead and take your cuttings and give the parent and the cuttings the same label. Then when the parent blooms you will be able to ID the cutting and then trade it.

Deep Run, NC(Zone 7b)

If you are honest about not having seen the plant bloom, trade. The first statement is very important because all of us know the disappointment of growing a plant for years and having it bloom a NOID. People remember dishonest traders. Some traders will forget you warned them. Is it worth it?

Mountain View, HI

I have no experience with trading until now so still on a learning curve (see you can teach old dogs new things)
I've been growing Epis for about 8 years. Purchased four or five plants from a local garden store marked "day bloomer" or "night bloomer" and one had a red bloom so I was hooked. So for 5 years I was in my own heaven, taking cuttings, growing from seed with no outside communication or knowledge. Just lots of plants and blooms.
Then three years ago I got serious and purchased 50 named varieties
Some of the labels came off the cuttings so I ended up with a few cuttings which I had no idea what they were. Name or color. Those cuttings grew like crazy and are starting to bloom for the first time this year. I started reading forums, got hooked on Epis and became obsessed to the point at which I am now.
So now I have some true NOIDS - No idea what color or name. I would not trade them until I at least knew the color. (For my own satisfaction as well as the recipients)
I also have partial NOIDS (Is there such a thing) - No name but I can identify the colors. Those I would trade as I can at least show a pic of the blooms and the receiver would know what to expect but still no name.
And now I have cutting from true named varieties which I am happy to trade.
I'm still learning and a lot of that comes from Bob. Thanks Bob you are enriching my hobby!

Pawleys Island, SC

I have traded noid cuttings, but I do tell people ahead of time. I have a lot that haven't bloomed and a lot that are just beginning to bloom.
The lost tag epies have been relegated to be noid's forever because I can't seem to id them when they bloom. There are so many that look alike.

Deep Run, NC(Zone 7b)

I give my rooted noids to beginners usually. I do find so many on the floor of my greenhouse and I always slip them into trays I set up for that purpose. When someone asks, I usually have a supply I can send for postage. Some noids people sent me when I was getting started are now blooming and sure make me happy! bob

Pawleys Island, SC

I haven't found an ugly one yet, and they all make me happy. LOL it is like watching a fireworks display in slow motion.

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