Chino Valley, AZ

Bananas are a wonder food. I wait until my supermarket sells them as over-ripe. They are NOT really over-ripe, just the peels start getting some brown spots, and sometimes have a few bruises. Inside, the banana is ripe-just-right. And the store sells them for $.29 lb compared to $1.29 lb. I just bought 50 lbs! Put in the refridgerator to stop ripening. What to do with all these bananas?
There is the usual: banana bread, combine w zuchinni from the garden for banana-zuchinni bread. Can also make pancakes.
But wait! There's more!
2. Peel and cut into 1 inch pieces, spread on cookie sheet and freeze. Load into freezer bags. Put frozen chunks into blender or f-processor, whiz w a little milk and you have ice cream. And it is good! Sweet, no need to add sugar. The banana flavor is very mild when frozen. Add a few strawberries. Can add cocoa to make chocolate.
3. Banana shakes.... really good.
4. Blend up w some vanilla, add some chocolate chips and make popsicles. Also good.
5. Slice thin, dip in lemon juice, and dehydrate. This concentrates the sweet; it's like candy.
6. Dry peels and crumble up to add/stretch the chicken food.
7. Place a peel on the ground around a plant that needs more potasium.
I'm sure there are more uses, these are the ones I use.

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