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How to grow tomatillos?

Burson, CA

I planted a tomatillo plant last year. It did great, very large, lots of blossoms - no fruit! I went online and learned you must have two plants close together to pollinate. I have done so this year. I am getting very healthy plants again with lots of blossoms and ...again no fruit is setting. I live in northern California, zone 9. What am I doing wrong? I've never even eaten a tomatillo, I just thought it an interesting novelty and I might like them. Now I am taking the challenge and I will have tomatillos - HELP!

central, NJ(Zone 6b)

I've never grown them but looks like from all the info on line they are very slow growing, have you seen bees pollinating them?

Baltimore, MD(Zone 7a)

I tried growing ONE a few years ago. It grew huge and the branches sprawled in all directions
with blooms coming continuously. BUT--No fruit.
Jen--it grew pretty fast for me.

Then I learned that you need more than one as well. Don't know why yours did not pollinate.
Weather? A lot of rain? No bees? Do you use a lot of sprays in your garden?

Just mulling....some ideas....Gita

Burson, CA

My plants are very vigorous and about 2 1/2' tall, tons of blossoms.
My plants have had no insecticides on them. My tomatoes are thriving and loaded with tomatoes so I don't think it is a bee problem. I also have a lot of humming birds. In northern California we won't be getting any rain until mid-September or later. It does seem it has to be a pollination problem. My local nurseryman said he doesn't know anything about them, not very helpful. I'm actually considering using a Q-tip or paint brush and pollinating them myself! Perhaps, it is just too early for them to set fruit.
If I end up with any fruit I well report back.
I'm open to suggestions.

Burson, CA

Folks, here's the bottom line. I was impatient! Fruit is setting, they look like cute little lanterns.
Now to start looking for tomatillo recipes. My Mexican friend says they make great salsa - better than tomato salsa. I better get his recipe.

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