What is this plant?

Miami Beach, FL

Hi, I'm looking for this flower for my girlfriend's birthday. Could you tell me what flower this is (I think it's a Dahlia, but not sure), how hard/easy is it to grow/find this, and where can I find it (I live in Miami, FL). Thank you so much!


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Dublin, CA(Zone 9a)

Yes, it's a dahlia. I'm not sure if you'll easily be able to find that exact one, but if you go to a local nursery hopefully you can find one that you think she will like (there are lots of pretty ones)

Ayrshire Scotland, United Kingdom

I think there is a thread / forum for Dahlia's on this site who may you would be able to help find growers or Nursery who sell Dahlia's, maybe if you go on line and search Google for Dahlia producers you will find catalogues to have sent out to you.
Failing that then I would honsestly say this time of year is a bit late for starting off Dahlia tubers as they are in flower as of now, so reasearch to be ready for the next years tubers, unless you spot one growing in a garden center, what a lovely birthday gift to get, good luck. Weenel.

Stamford, CT(Zone 6b)

Look for dwarf type plants, no more than 2 feet high. For me it is more of a border plant. For us the bloom tirelessly until the first frost.

Black Earth, WI

That's a Starsister dahlia:


My daughter's school has them in the memory garden, it's a beautiful plant. Here in Wisconsin they will not survive the winter, we will have to dig them up or mulch them down. In Florida you have such mild winters that should not be necessary. As WeeNel says, it's a big late in the year to start them outdoors.

Good luck!

Miami Beach, FL

Thank you so much, everybody!

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