Rooting tomato suckers

Anne Arundel,, MD(Zone 7b)

Cool video
The guy put a split pastic bottle on a tomto sucker, similar to (same as) air layering, and grew a fantastic rooted plant in two weeks.
Does anyone here root suckers?

Middle of, VA(Zone 7a)

How cool is that?!? Hmmm - all kinds of ideas...matter a fact I was very concerned about rooting one of my prized jasmines. I'm going to look for a small bottle and do this - this weekend...will take photos and let y'all know how it turns out. Thanks Sally!!

Anne Arundel,, MD(Zone 7b)

I think RosesR Red did some airlayering last summer....yoo hoo Roses..

Baltimore, MD(Zone 7a)

I have rooted some tomato suckers--a few years ago.

I did not use anything over them. Just kept them out of the sun.
I think I gave these to someone at work--so I cannot tell you how (if) they grew out.

After all--if we can bury the whole stem of a tomato plant underground--and it roots--
why would not a sturdy sucker root? G.

Dover, PA(Zone 6b)

That is pretty neat. Yes RRR has a plastic ball that you fill with dirt and put over the stem. Just like the old root layering method. I have been wanting to try rooting my Prince of Orange I might give that a try.

Middle of, VA(Zone 7a)

Where does one get this magic plastic ball?

Dover, PA(Zone 6b)

Have to ask Roses where she got it, ordered it on line from somewhere. It isn't much different than what they did with the bottle it's just a plastic ball that you fill both halves with dirt and press the two sides together over the stem and I think it screws together. You can do the same thing with plastic bags you twist tie a bag on the stem at the bottom and fill it with moist dirt then twist tie it together at the top. For some plants you would make a slight cut in the stem and stick a toothpick into the cut to keep it open. Then put your bag, ball or bottle over that cut.

Chevy Chase, MD(Zone 7a)

Can't you just take a cutting from a tomato plant and root it in water? I think my Mom might have done that ... not sure.

Damascus, MD(Zone 7a)

Love that bottle idea. I might try it with an easy-to-root shrub, maybe a hydrangea, just to see how it works.

Dover, PA(Zone 6b)

Sure can Happy, Tomatoes are one of the easiest things to root. You can plant a tomato lengthwise and little baby tomatoes will pop up all along the buried stem.

Anne Arundel,, MD(Zone 7b)

Yes, too. The bottle thing, the youtube guy felt gave a stronger sucker.

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