Hybrid of Saturn/Donut Peach & Apricot

Bay Area, CA

I was at a fruit stand in the town of Dixon, California (20 miles south of Sacramento) yesterday, and they had a selection of local fruit for sale. I go to this fruit stand once a year, and also go to farmer's markets in the Bay Area. Yesterday, I saw a fruit for sale I'd never seen anywhere. It was labeled a "donut apricot." It looked in shape like a donut peach (also known as Saturn peach), like a flattened piece of fruit. It had orange velvet-y apricot skin, however. It was really delicious. I looked on Google to see if anyone had a tree for sale of "donut apricot," which I suspect is a peach-cot hybrid (in addition to having a Saturn peach shape, the fruit had a peach-like texture inside, smooth instead of mealy like most apricots). I've had no luck.

Has anyone heard of this hybrid, or know what the commercial name of it is? I've attached a picture so you can see the flat shape of the fruit and apricot color.

Thumbnail by maryg11

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