Seedling blooming for the first time

Mulberry, FL

I love it took long enough the last is a tree here just starting to bloom

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Cape Coral, FL(Zone 10a)

Very Pretty Dana - how long did it take you from seed to bloom?

Baton Rouge, LA

Congratulations, it is very pretty.

Mulberry, FL

I think 5-6 years I still have quite a few to go always happy to see when they do quite a few nubbed so they branched but no flowers

Virginia Beach, VA(Zone 8b)

Congratulations!!! They are beautiful!!


Mulberry, FL

Hi thanks well it has changed with since the first flower all i could say was wow!

Thumbnail by Danasplants
Baton Rouge, LA

It is getting better with each bloom.

Mulberry, FL

They do that I have a orange that started out like this ended up way different then it started

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