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Zombie Weeds In my Lawn, help please!

Gulf Breeze, FL

Can anyone tell me what kind of weed or plant this is that is taking over my yard AND how to get rid of them without killing my grass? Thank you. Ever since I used Scotts Weed and Feed about 3 months ago these darn things showed up. We never had them before and they have strong roots very hard to pull out! They are Zombies invading my lawn.

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central, NJ(Zone 6b)

My gosh I've never seen so many of them and so big

at first I thought it was crown vetch, but the upright ones look like Mimosa tree

Opp, AL(Zone 8b)


Cambridge, ON(Zone 6a)

Maybe Partragepea - Cassia fasciculata? But yours certainly looks invasive and I don't know that Cassia would be (but I have no experience with it).
Seen in other forums/web searches it is said to have those lumpy 'glands' on the lower side of the leaf....but I'm really not convinced...the "glands" on yours looks much different than normal leaf glands. Not figuring it out is driving me bonkers...

Flowers would cinch the ID, did you ever see flowers?

Prairieville, LA(Zone 9a)

Phyllanthus urinaria, Chamber bitter...a medicinal weed from the depths of....well, ya get the idea. GRIN Everytime I see one I pull it. But, it produces seeds at an alarming rate multiple times during the growing season. For the flower beds, we pull every one we see and use a pre-emergent to stop the seeds from sprouting. It is spread by wind, animals or people that brush against it, birds....and sheer cussedness. We did not have it in our yard until H. it is everywhere.

Opp, AL(Zone 8b)

I agree with moonhowl. The insidious thing about this plant is that it flowers in hiding, on the bottom of the leaves. Those ball things, I don't know if they look like a flower at any point, but those are the seeds. So with most weeds, maybe in your mind you think "I'll pull those before the flowers set seed" but that never visibly happens and an infestation can occur without your knowledge that there even ARE any seeds. Maybe they are spores like ferns. In any case, pulling them immediately, constantly, you can break the cycle. I don't use any chems and can control them. I accidentally brought them here with OM from my Mom's house. They come up easily when the ground is moist. Tomorrow would be a good day to pull them if you are getting the rain we are today, just north of you.

Oklahoma City, OK

I have seen these at my relative house and they are a pain to kill once you get a large infestation like that. You really have to simply go out there and pull them. There are some herbicides that work without damaging your turf, but the problem is once they die sometimes they aren't really "dead" because their seeds spread like wildfire and it is also very resistant to herbicides. I am glad I never had to deal with one that bad here in Oklahoma, because they love that hot-dry weather we get. All the information I have found points to using pre-emergent herbicides in multiple applications and keeping the yard free of new plants(youll need to check every 4-7 days)
good luck!

Prairieville, LA(Zone 9a)

Here is a pic with P urinaria blooms...such as they to enlarge

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Opp, AL(Zone 8b)

Cute! I love tiny flowers even though I hate this plant. I must be pulling them before they do that. Glad I knew what it was from my Mom's house so I knew to pull them right away. The hardest part about pulling them is getting a day when I both have time and the ground is moist enough for the roots to let go.

Moonhowl, sorry Katrina blessed you in such an unwanted way! Good luck breaking the cycle.

Prairieville, LA(Zone 9a)

Thanks...Katrina brought them...but I am the dummy that thought they were "cute" little plants with baby flowers and must be some kind of mimosa or and learn....

Fort Worth, TX

I've been calling them crown vetch - and pulling and I did do a St Augustine weed/feed on my one lawn area because they were so bad. Hoping my goat will help to control. She loves weeds.

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