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Is there anything I can plant now?

Montgomery, TX

Squash have run there course. Need to remove as they are withering out after good production. This will leave a big bare spot in my well manicured veggie garden. Fairly new to this & don't know if I can plant anything in that spot yet, or if I will even be able to find anything right now at nurseries.

Deep East Texas, TX(Zone 8a)

I'm north of you by 150 miles or so and I just planted another batch of cucumbers, winter squash and fall tomatoes.

I figure my killing freeze date is Thanksgiving so I can do succession planting for a while.
Okra likes heat. It also should take off and grow well. Just a few thoughts.

Now as to what you will find in the nursery, I don't know. I always start my vegetables from seed.
The only critical one is tomatoes. You might look for a shorter date to maturity (DTM) cultivar so they will produce in time.

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