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SOLVED: what's, this plant, I've took a better picture

norwich, United Kingdom

I had posted previously but the picture wasn't clear, I've taken 2 more pics, but now am thinking these are 2 different plants, their growing everywhere in my garden, I don't know weather to keep them or dig them up???????????

Thumbnail by summerlily Thumbnail by summerlily
Worcester, MA

The first is a weed that pops up everywhere - the flower beds, the lawn, the cracks in the driveway and sidewalks. It never flowers that I've ever seen and spreads like crazy so I pull it out of the beds immediately and treat with Round Up in the concrete.

As to the 2nd one - the leaves look like a garden phlox to me.

Washago, ON(Zone 5b)

trackinsand is correct as far as the 1st one being a "Knotweed" and the 2nd looks to me like possibly one of the numerous Basic varieties, Ocinum. Smell a leaf and you will know.

norwich, United Kingdom

Thankyou all very much, very informative as these have been driving me mad!!! I keep wanting to pull them out but have been unsure as I keep thinking will they flower or not. Thanks, I will now look these up and read more about them. Its my first year of gardening, so this is all new to me. Think I'll stick to geraniums for now, ha ha

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