gladiolis (sp) why aren't they flowering ?

Maple, ON

Hi i bought a bag of glad bulbs in the spring and planted them a bit late,they shot up like nobody's business but they show no signs of flowering . is this because i planted them after the frost ?any ideas suggestions appreciated

central, NJ(Zone 6b)

they do get planted in the spring, so that's not the problem
are they planted in full sun? are they still green?

Arroyo Grande, CA(Zone 9a)

My Spring planted glads just shot up bloom spikes last week and are just starting to open.
Maybe they're just a little late this year.
You could dose them with fertilizer, sometimes that will shock them into bloom.

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Dublin, CA(Zone 9a)

Assuming you have them in enough sun I'd be patient with them--if you started them a bit on the late side then I'd expect blooms to start a bit on the late side as well.

Maple, ON

thank you yes they are green and growing just not flowering .i will be patient

Maple, ON

Guess What they are starting to flower yeahhh

Ayrshire Scotland, United Kingdom

Hi Canada, you have just learned the first lesson is gardening and patience is it's name, I cant tell how many times I've wandered around the garden asking myself "wheres such and such and who dug them up" only to find several weeks later, theyb are showing their flowers and I sigh with releief ha, ha, ha.

You Gladiola bulbs will finish flowering in a few weeks and if I were you, I would then cut the flower stalks off to prevent the flowers forming seeds, the energy that bulbs use up making seeds is quite something and IF you dont want the seeds, | would suggest you dont weeken the bulbs by allowing the formation of of unwanted seedsw. when /IF you cut off the flower stems, leave the foliage to die down naturally as this helps feed the bulb and this makes for a stronger bulb the following year, BUT add a handfull of Blood / Bone / Fish meal to the soil around the bulbs and give a gentle rake in, or a handfull of multi purpose plans granuals.
Next spring add a dressing of good well rotted manure or compost to help the soil hold onto some much needed moisture but not allowing water logging.You can also lift the dried bulbs and hang up in a well ventilated area, when the foliage had completely dried, pull it away and store the bulb for replanting out next spring, remove any little bulbils and pot these up for a couple of years till the bulbs reach flowering size and then treat as the bulbs you have now.
Good luck and enjoy your new flower spikes, add a garden cane to the position so in future you know where the bulbs are especially when you work on the soil before the bulbs show through next year.

Oklahoma City, OK(Zone 7a)

I had a similar problem. Only one of mine bloomed. The rest started to but then their blooms (before they opened) died and was nothing but a dead crunch bloom. I live in Oklahoma so maybe it was to hot for them. It was 109 degrees today. How can anything live through that?

central, NJ(Zone 6b)

I have some too, that I thought disappeared, they are finally getting a flower bud, weird since my others ones bloomed and are finished already....very weird year

Greensboro, NC(Zone 7a)

I only planted glads once in the front bed (a mix) and wasn't thrilled with them so I didn't plant any more after that--didn't remove them either. That was 16 yrs ago. I still have 3-9 appear off and on each season, white or a white with a pink streak in the throat and always 5 ft tall. When I divided my iris several years ago I found a gladiola breeding ground:lol: Corms of all sizes and hundreds of them! I eneded up just scooping out the soil with as many of the tiny bulbs as I could into paper bags and giving them to friends with the iris. I couldn't get all of them out and still have glads popping up each summer.

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