okra, spine question/problem

Jonesville, SC(Zone 7b)

I traditionally plant Clemson Spineless okra. This year, I am experimenting with a few different varieties that I have purchased online. One of those varieties is Alabama Red. This is where my problem/question lies. To my understanding, when referring to the spines of okra, they are tiny little hairlike things that are all over the plant and pods. Well, on the Alabama Red variety, my wife and I have been pricked several times by some 'spines' on the actual pod. Tonight, she had one lodge in her finger. These 'spines' are not fuzzy and hairlike. They are like little needles. She was able to get the tweezers and pull it out of her finger before she began cooking. I have never heard anyone talk about okra having these little devils on the pods. Is this typical of a variety that is not spineless? When cooking this variety, will the heat make these things go away? I would hate to have one of those things stuck in our tongues, cheeks, or gums. Thanks for the responses.

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