Chicory Transplant from the wild to my back yard?

Stevensville, MD

Is it possible to transplant a chicory plant from a area just down the street from me, to my yard? If you have any tips, advice or ideas they are more than welcome. If not I will just plant some seeds but a transplant would be a fun little project.

Dublin, CA(Zone 9a)

Assuming that the spot the plant is in now is one that you are legally allowed to remove it from, it seems like there's nothing to lose by trying. If it doesn't make it, then try from seeds. Now is not an ideal time of year to transplant anything though, better to do it in fall when weather is cooler.

Greenfield, OH(Zone 6a)

Extremely long taproot. I'd try from seed.

Stevensville, MD

i transplanted 2 chicory plants this morning, the tap root is huge. One plant lost a chunk of its tap root. i planted them in nice fertile soil and gave them water..... Now i wait to see if they make it or not. Either way its a win, if they dont make it lesson learned and chicory root coffee. if they make it i have a new herb added to my garden. here are some pictures of the two plants.

Thumbnail by mufasa02 Thumbnail by mufasa02 Thumbnail by mufasa02

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