BRUGMANSIA - If Winter comes, can Spring be far behind

Brisbane, Australia

This is my Mango Cornet again showing some Winter Blooms.
One pod only 'open pollinated' All the rest have tags. For some reason I do not seem to get a lot open pollinations?

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Brisbane, Australia

Chrissy.. Yes that hibiscus is one of my creations. I have named it "Tangerine Tango"

Sydney, Australia

Yay Allan well done ! ^_^

It's a beautiful brug and a beautiful Hibiscus ...Tangerine Tango is beautiful !
Edited to say Allan I had no open pollination for years and didn't think it possible until Pink Panther and her offspring came and to live here.
What a flirt ! I do have to say it has only happened in the cooler wet Summer, so I don't know if that changes anything or not.
I have had plagues wasps this past Summer, maybe they did it (not sure). I prefer to pollinate myself because often the open pollinated ones are
full of empty corks, but for a tiny quantity of seeds.


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Sydney, Australia

Oopsy we came from our long Winter thread
Thanks everyone who contributed ...and yes, Spring hurries toward us, it's almost August- in some gardens that means Spring.


Cairns, Australia

That is a beautiful Mango Cornet, can not weight till mine gets big like that.

Croydon, Australia(Zone 9a)

Alan what alovely Pic with MC anf that Hibiscus together stunning.
glad to see your still around,

Just like you Alan i have many open pollinations on White Ruff & Old Apricot (1023) but i have been just popping the pods off when i have time to do so i dont need 10 Open-P
from 1 plant any more i seem to have good results with crossing myself like Chrissy

in the next 2 days i will have a bloom from Munchausen so Yuppy

Sydney, Australia

I am sure we will all miss Tonny Surrow very much,
Like most of you I have followed his Brugmansia Journey, enjoying his energy and great love of these beautiful plants.
He had just celebrated his Birthday recently ...he was too young to go and will be greatly missed.
RIP Tonny.
Rock on Mate !

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Clifton Springs, Australia

Chrissie, remember when I put a pic of FFA on here and it was a had never seen it produce singles.
Well here it is again.....very similar colour to pod sister Angioletto, there is a second corolla way up inside and only about one inch long at the most.....the perfume is as lovely as ever and it's a very neat flower.
2 pics from day one and the third is from day recurved very quickly....

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Sydney, Australia

Hi Dianne I think it must be because FFA love the heat, it's interesting to see it in that form, thanks for sharing.
We had heavy frost this morning ...lots of frizzles.

Hope everyone's gardens are ok.


Croydon, Australia(Zone 9a)

Dianne what a beautiful bloom it's not what you
Expected from that cross

Yesterday I received a package from Grandma's garden
The plants were of good quality and som could be
Divided especially 'Shiver me Timbers' but will not
Be doing that till I have had a flush of the beauties
I still have not thanked them at this time but I'll be
Doing that as soon as iv finished here

Clifton Springs, Australia

Very glad that they arrived Shaun...when you pay big dollars for something it's always a concern until they get to you...We will be looking forward to a lot of pics this Spring....

Here are a few of the Joseph's Coat flowers, this plant is about 4ft lower down in the garden, which would explain the pink, everything else is higher and white...except for FFA which is low down and a beautiful lemon...

Thumbnail by Seachanger Thumbnail by Seachanger Thumbnail by Seachanger
Sydney, Australia

That is a great result Shaun, it's always great to hear of a good Brug purchase. Don't go chopping that beauty up before it
grows up, if you want to make more plants wait until it is full of Spring growth hormones, then they will rocket away. If it were mine I would want to see a flush first.

Dianne what a great flush on J's C ...that is very important, can't wait to see it in Spring ^_^


rosetta TASMANIA, Australia

Here, we still need some good winter cold [may sound stupid] but for good results in bulbous plants, [esp daffs], we need at least 5 frosts.,.number 5 happened last night,.,but now we need more cold to hold back summer bulb growth- at least til september

Croydon, Australia(Zone 9a)

Thank you Girls, the plants looked good Packed well and arrived safely.

All have been potted up and put in the Hothouse for the rest of winter where they can get a little more protection as they have come from QLD.

I have aurea(form)8-10 blooms, Munchausen,3 Blooms, DRC becoming smothered in blooms again and DRC i thought did not have fragrance dose and is very pleasant to the nose

Dianne JC even in the cooler weather is pretty so protect him and you will be rewarded in spring

Brisbane, Australia

This is my Fernando today enjoying some lovely Winter sun. Five seedpods harvested off Mango Cornet so far. The pods on Fernando and Fire Fighter Angel, being much larger than MC, will no doubt take a bit longer to ripen.

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Merino, Australia

Alan, Fernando is so beautiful. I hope your pods all turn out to be full of exciting seeds.
I am watching a few pods here which I hope will produce something different.

A bit of your sunshine would be lovely to put some color in the pale dresses of the brugs here.
Mango is holding good color though despite the cold.
There are still several blooms to open.

Poor old BB is really looking anaemic with hardly any color at all.

I am so glad I have GHA for his glorious winter flushes.

Shaun, looks like you have a garden full of lovelies too.

pic 1....Here is my Mango Cornet this morning.. ( there are 15 mote buds to open with more forming )

pic 2.... Pink Panther this morning, starting to get a little pink

pic 3.....Hyacinth Bouquet , there are several more buds the same size. ( hoping at least one opens)


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West of Brisbane, Australia

Fernando has such lovely flushes, and Mango Cornet seems to look good regardless of which climate it's in.
Here's another flush (of 2 blooms!) on Joli X Bergkonigin. Double again, but with the inner skirt recessed this time. Sniffed it at night and it has a delightful fragrance that I can't describe, but it's not very strong. Colour is paler than last time.

PS The local garden expo is on next month; hard to resist even if I tell myself I *won't* buy anything :-)

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Sydney, Australia

Allan ...Fernando is looking so fine, even in the gentle Winter outfit.

Dianne is J's Coat still going ?

Same here Jean everything is frizzled or ghostly pale ...mind you I don't really mind ghostly pale, it goes so well with frost, fog and grey drizzle now. That PP is but a shadow of itself, I never would have recognized it if you hadn't told us who it was, even her tendril's are shrunk away, must be the cold.

Your double Pink is just a bit cold cestrum ...what a brave Brug she is to bloom at all ...they all are considering it is Winter.
If you get along to the local garden expo say hi to Claire for me, she is a FB buddy and is falling in love with Brugs too,
can't wait to see what you buy oopsy er didn't buy :)

Anthony ...I think you got lost :) our Prince of Lilies is always welcome here amongst the Brug Nuts.

Happy Monday everyone ...getting closer to Spring.


West of Brisbane, Australia

Well, I do hope to go along and take some pics at least, assuming that nothing else gets in the way that Saturday.
Here's Pink Smitty x Dorthea, she of the overblown collagen-injected lips--before those "lips" have turned ugly. Paler because it's winter, this bloom would still turn a bit darker if left to mature fully (which I haven't done). I wanted to show it from all angles, as it has an interesting curl on one side, like the upturned brim of a hat. It reminds me a little of Musketeer in that respect. The last photo is a comparison shot from last spring.
Now I remember: I also wanted to show how it has those paler vertical stripes, paler now but more yellow in warm weather. I'm convinced that this plant is carrying yellow genes and wish the seeds I've harvested from it (and posted out to others) would just hurry up, grow, and flower already LOL

Thumbnail by cestrum_SEQ Thumbnail by cestrum_SEQ Thumbnail by cestrum_SEQ Thumbnail by cestrum_SEQ Thumbnail by cestrum_SEQ
West of Brisbane, Australia

And here it was in March, as a mature warm-weather bloom, showing the richness of the colour, and the ugliness of those overblown lips when viewed from below or full on.

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Merino, Australia

Chrissy, PP is showing more pink today.
I'll give him another day then get another pic.
BB is finally opening all the flowers. Very pale but with lovely curly tendrils, more so than usual.
A mix of 5 & 6 pointers and the curly tendrils make up for the ghostly look.
Lots of yellowing on all the growth on the brugs at the moment.
They have finally realised its winter, but so far hardly any shedding of the leaves. That will come later I am sure.

OE shed all the buds in the cold but is still putting more on.
Hyacinth is putting out a few more buds too.
Maybe she will be a Bouquet not a

Cestrum , I like the upturned "lips" . They are much nicer than those that just hang around sulking with turned down mouth.


West of Brisbane, Australia

You mean like Big Floppy Apricot, Jean? LOL
I'll have to compare the colours of PS x Dorthea against Joli x Bergkonigin in summer, to see which has the most intense pink.

Sydney, Australia

Shhhhh ! they might hear you.
You wouldn't want to hurt their feelings would you ? ^_^

rosetta TASMANIA, Australia

No, Chrissy, never got lost, just bored and looking about on a quiet night maybe,.,.Glad to chat to you again!The lilies will be brilliant this year,.,.,.,

Croydon, Australia(Zone 9a)

Here are a few of the planst that are looking MMmm Ok and have a few blooms

1: aurea (form) 7/2012
2 & 3: DRC
4 & 5: Maunchausen

so happy to see more blooms in this dreadful weather and the first blooms on any other plant then DRC

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Merino, Australia

Looking very nice Shaun.
I do think Munchausen looks pretty in pale pink.

My Mango Cornet is also looking very bright with more flowers opening.

What are the parents of DRC Shaun ?
I am sure you mentioned it somewhere before.


Croydon, Australia(Zone 9a)

Jean, DRC is a cross from aurea[Diggers] X.aurea 1013
of those i only have [Digegrs].
aurea 1013 died while i was living in town and didn't take a lot of care with them as we had the 10 year drought.

DRC has a very soft & pleasant fragrance which is not as strong as say GHA, a(form), GB ect!!!

iv just been out side washing post in bleach and potting up have done about 100 seedlings in to 3" pots and about 60 in to 6"pots with a bit of fish under every single plant as these ones are heading for a wee holiday over at my sister-in-laws place about 15min away

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West of Brisbane, Australia

A bit of fish, Shaun? Literally? (In pots?) Curious to hear more ...

So, I was in the kitchen peeling some brug seeds after soaking them, when one of the seeds slipped out of my hand and fell onto the floor. I turned all the lights on but just could not see it, so I grabbed the broom and started sweeping and then sifting thru the debris. No luck. I left it for an hour until the day got brighter and went and looked again, did another sweep in an untouched corner and found a seed. (Those corners need more regular sweeping!) Except ... it didn't look quite like the others I had peeled. And I thought the cork was too dry, not as if it had only been soaking just an hour earlier. So I reckon it's from another batch of brug seeds--but some earlier one. Presumably it's one I wanted or I wouldn't have bothered peeling it. Mind you, that still leaves the original one that's yet to be found!

Saw a news update about Julian Assange seeking asylum in Ecuador. That's where Alistair has bought his land for growing brugs, right? What are the odds the two Aussies might cross paths there LOL

Merino, Australia

Cestrum, you may find a brug growing in a dark corner of your kitchen one day

I just went out and braved the icy wind to take a pic of my newest baby.
It may look a mess now but it did look cute yesterday before being neaten over the head in the strong wind last night.
This is the very first flower on Mountain Treasure x AxelRose. (pic 1 )
I love the cute little shape and the way it curls back on opening.
Not much in the way of tendrils or color , but being the first and in winter, I have high hopes for it as it matures.
After 3 years and getting to over 7' tall, it finally did something .

pic 2 ...Mango Cornet sill opening flowers.
The perfume is still strong this morning and reminds me a bit of GHA.

pic 3 ...ButterBomb in winter pale.

pic 4...some of the brugs down the back, You can see they are slightly yellow with the cold but still very leafy.


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Brisbane, Australia

Cestrum, are you peeling brug seeds to plant now? I would have thought you would have waited until Spring but perhaps you have one of those small bottom heating pads. I will wait another month to plant. Have some exciting seeds from Elizabeth Fichtl(USA) as well as some of my own crosses.

My Mango Cornet plant is producing plenty of seeds for me. So far I have seeds of....
MC X Fernando
MC X PP(Dianne's faciation pollen)
If any of the list members want a few of these to plant in Spring please D-mail me

West of Brisbane, Australia

I wouldn't recommend sowing now, Allan, but I can't resist sampling just a few of each newly harvested batch. I find that they're taking at least a month to germinate but I'm doing this outside--despite the near-frosty winter nights we can get here--because I've found that germinating them inside (in the sunroom) just produces a whole lot of problems like fungus gnats. (Plus, I've taken my sunroom back!) So no heating pad, just outside in one of those small mini-propagators with the aeration lids shut. Placed outside up against the wall or under dappled shelter from other plants.

Saw your listing on ebay--that unnamed double (Mariner's Pride X Double Peach) is interesting--is it scented? Crossed with Mango Cornet it should produce some stunning seedlings! Plus of course the cross with FFA: think of the perfume those two might produce :-)

Wouldn't surprise me if a stray seed germinated somewhere inside when the humidity returns, Jean LOL

Sydney, Australia

After doing the egg experiment Shaun ...I would just say watch out for ants.
The eggs seemed to help quite well but ants were an awful problem, can't say it was the eggs for sure or not but that is what happened, good luck and let us know how it goes. I would use fish planted underneath in the garden but not sure about pots, it will be interesting.

It's so nice to see some blooms still going on, congratulations on your new baby Jean, we love new babies !
Love your pics ^_^

So cold and wet here too, I got drenched looking for something worth taking a picture of, but whatever the frosts and winds didn't get, the snails and slugs did.So I gave up and snuck back inside for a hot drink and some warmth.
Pleased to say the babies in their H.cribs are still going well table inside is full of them too. What I have is babies in the 6" cups but only in about 2" of sand the cot leaves are up past the lip of the cups and I will now backfill up to the cot leaves (like tomato plants) and mist with a very weak solution of Seasol. It's all new to me doing it this way but so far so good. I don't have any heat pad, just the warmish position around a TV, computer and normal low power light globe. Stressing these seeds were only to check germination rates of seeds that I had purchased. Great germination rates by the way. if these seedlings drop dead after all this cossetting, it won't really matter because I have the bulk yet to plant in the Spring (which isn't far away now ...yikes !)

cestrum you might find a triffid brug growing just outside the door there somewhere (you might have walked it out under a shoe),
yes I drop the odd seed when peeling sifting through the contents of a dustpan me- yes so sad :) ...I wonder if they go to the same place the odd socks go ??? ^_^

Allan ...if there are any left over, put me on the list, I will have many to share come Spring too.
Congratulations by the way ! well done !

I hope everyone stays warm and dry today.


Sydney, Australia

oops forgot the pics ...cestrum when you put the plastic bags over the cups themselves the bugs can't get them, I haven't lost one yet.
Hopefully by the time Spring comes they will have enough roots to be strong enough to stave off problems, it's only an experiment but I am really surprised at the results myself.
Quite a few tri cots too !

Thumbnail by chrissy100 Thumbnail by chrissy100 Thumbnail by chrissy100
Brisbane, Australia

Yes Cestrum, the double white(Mariner's Pride X Double Peach) does have a very nice perfume but unfortunately I am not able to describe it to you(maybe one day I will acquire a 'nose' like Chrissy has for describing the different scents)
The cross MC X FFA should produce very nice scented seedling blooms as BOTH the parents have fantastic perfumes!!

Will put some seeds aside for you Chrissy and send them in Spring.


Sydney, Australia

Sorry Allan I didn't realize you were selling them.
Perhaps just a couple of the FFA would be lovely, but please don't worry if you get lots of orders, only if some are left, plenty of other times ^_^ good luck with the Ebay. Lovely to see Aussie crosses on there.


Brisbane, Australia

Chrissy.. I am NOT selling them to members on this list!! I am offering any of my seeds free of charge.


West of Brisbane, Australia

You're too kind, Allan*--don't need any more, but was curious about that double white in particular. (I have the same problem describing fragrances, although I recognise a scent/note once someone else has described it.) You've got some great crosses there, and I can't believe that this is in addition to your tropical hibiscus seed/lings!
Chrissy, I haven't forgotten about your use of cups and I would like to try it, but for germination I still find starting them off in small cells in the mini-propagators works well. They generally start dying when they've been potted up into the next stage (usually a foam cup). I did bring one cup of seedlings inside temporarily as the leaves were being eaten but I couldn't find the culprit. Turned out to be a tiny slug that hid itself somewhere in the cup during the day and came out at night to feed, somehow avoiding the pellets.

I don't think I'd be game to put actual fish--this is what Shaun has done, right?--into the base of my pots, not after what happened with the blood and bone. (If you remember, I added this to some brug pots and ended up with maggots hatching in them: ugh!)

Triffid brugs? Already got em LOL

*Let me know if you're interested in any seeds from my brugs. I've pretty much given up announcing them here as everyone seems to be chockers with all those exotic overseas beauties LOL

Sydney, Australia

Thanks Allan, that is so very generous of you ^_^

Regarding Mariner's Pride x Double Peach ... a very interesting one double Peach,
I have seen some folk discuss Double Peach,
Double Peach interests me because like some people I think it may be Creamsickle or perhaps a sibling of Creamsickle,
What do you think ?
If you have any Creamsickle crosses, try putting that back to other Creamsickle crosses ...of course only if you enjoy that type of Brug, I do ...I think of them as rose like.

thanks again

Sydney, Australia

cestrum the main thing with these seeds in the plastic bags is that I don't have to worry about anything once done. They take care of themselves.
Germinating them in the enclosed box stops the headless thing ...:) it's the humidity. There are no bugs at all.
If you use this method (plastic bags) in Spring I am sure you will be delighted with the results.

If you have any left overs send them here particularly the Knightii crosses if you have any ...but all would be welcome. Will send some of my double crossed seeds when they are ripe in exchange if you want them or anything else.


Croydon, Australia(Zone 9a)

Cestrum, yes it is real fish in the base of my seedlings
I found that when I did this in spring they shot off
And grow at twice the rate as ones that have not been
Treated in this manner.

Alan those crosses are interesting and should
Yield some interesting babies in the next 24-36 months

Jean, your pale babies are all looking cold but very pretty

Chrissy with germination of seeds in late autumn &
Winter I will not be doing again as I have had reasonable
Success but find the seed do proffer the warmer weather, but I say
This as this coming autumn & winter I won't be around
And heading to Bali again and need some one to come
And look after my babies for about 2-3 weeks I have a friend
In mind that may be able to help

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