Confederate Jasmine- Overwinter Outside in Zone 5b?

Champaign, IL

I have the most lovely confederate jasmine growing as a ground cover in my zone 5b garden. Is there any possible way to overwinter it outside and have it live to see another season?

If not, would it be best to dig up the plants in the fall and bring them inside, or to try to propagate a bunch of clones from cuttings to grow indoors, letting my parent jasmine plants die with the winter?

Dublin, CA(Zone 9a)

Sorry, it would be highly unlikely to survive a winter in your zone--you're 2 to 2.5 zones below where it's hardy so while you could try piling mulch or leaves or something over it I think your chances of success are pretty low. As far as digging up vs doing cuttings, that's really up to you--depends on how much room you have indoors and your skill with starting things from cuttings. If you want something that will be ready to bloom next year I'd probably try digging it up since the cuttings might take a year or two to get large enough to bloom, but there's no harm in trying both approaches, that way if it doesn't survive the digging up & potting then you'll have the cuttings as a backup.

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