Grafting onto unknown rootstock?

De Land, FL(Zone 9b)

Long story short, I live in Florida and our recommended rootstock is Fortuniana. I've found a few roses on fortuniana rootstock, but not many.
Anyhow, my parents have a monstrous "own root" white-flowering climber in their yard. It even looks like the photos of fortuniana I've seen. I do not know what it is. I know my dad took three cuttings from a huge climbing rose and stuck them in the sand at his nematode infested home and one of them survived. Within three years it had spread ten feet. 18 years later the thing is a monster which extends 4 feet off his fence on both sides and down at least 20 feet. It would probably even be longer except he periodically takes a weed wacker to it as their poodle has gotten trapped in it a couple times. Its flowers are white, with perhaps a row or two of petals and a bright yellow center.

Having said all that, I am tempted to try a bit of rooting and grafting. I know I can root these as ten years ago I used to just dip them in rooting compound and put them in pots and most of them rooted just fine without misting or anything like that.

Is there any reason not to try using them for bud grafting? I have a few "still kinda alive" own root roses that have been managing to survive for over a decade despite not really being right for our area. I'm tempted to try to graft them onto that vigorous climber and have them for my own yard.

What other things should I take into consideration? I may just keep hunting for a fortuniana to grow for cuttings, but, in the mean time thought that would be a fun experiment.

De Land, FL(Zone 9b)

Found an old photo of the rose on my computer..

Thumbnail by JenniferinFL
Richmond, TX

Neat! I think it sounds like a fun experiment. Keep us informed!

De Land, FL(Zone 9b)

Well, someone on another forum confirmed that it's Cherokee Rose which has been used in the past as a root stock rose and is one of the parents of fortuniana. So, it won't be too exciting of an experiment after all.. lol

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