Differences Between Juvenile Baltimore and Orchard Orioles?

(Zone 5a)

Are there any field markings to tell the two apart? Other than having a parent with? :) I know the Baltimore is larger, but unless there is another bird nearby to get an idea of size, I am not sure this would help.

I was going to assume Baltimore on this one since they do come more often to our feeding area, but I cannot be sure. We've had both types of adult Orioles come recently.

Thumbnail by Chillybean
Northumberland, United Kingdom(Zone 9a)

Can't find much! All I can find is that Orchard has a more uniform yellowish underpart colour, whereas Baltimore juvs have a whiter belly. Not sure how reliable this is though.


(Zone 5a)

There could be variation, I would imagine. Thank you for trying. I was doing a bit of searching myself and those juvenile orioles all looked alike to me. :)

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