What bugs are these

sicamous, Canada

Hello all. Very informative site

Just wondering if anyone can tell me what bugs these are ?

They kinda look like some sort of small flying beetles. Pine maybe, but my wood is spruce.

They are in my fire wood pile. They seem to die really easy ( i sprayed the pile with bug killer stuff). just curious to what they are? They seem to like to fly to the light when i turn it on, or the window when the sun hits.

I want to try and get rid of them all.

Their wings are kinda hidden unless i squish them (see pics) or flying.

Thanx for the help.

Pics aren't the greatest.








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Minot, ND

These beetles are commonly known as bark, engraver, or ambrosia beetles, their larvae feed just under the bark of trees. Some can be very serious timber pests, and one vectors Dutch elm disease. They are so numerous that you can never completely get rid of them.

sicamous, Canada

Thanx for the reply. They are in my spruce fire wood that is bucked split and drying. There is not a ton but they are there thats for sure.

It seems now that the more dry the wood gets they are coming out and dying. is this because things are getting dry and they are dying now?

I sprayed my pile with lots of raid and it seems when they come out they die.

Should i keep spraying the pile of stacked wood until i burn it all this winter?

Are these like the pine beetle this is killing alot of the forest here in British Columbia?

Thanx alot

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Minot, ND

They may be emerging simply because they have completed their development, and yes, the pine beetle belongs to this family. The beetles will not infest anything in your home.

sicamous, Canada

Thanx ALOT for all the info "Flapdoodle"...lol that name cracks me up.

BIG help, i was scared they would get all up in my house as its 80% cedar and 20%fir.

Good day!


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