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Sick Gosling?

Southern NJ, United States(Zone 7a)

We got four Toulouse goslings from Murray McMurray in mid-April. We have had them out in the pasture, but about three weeks ago the smallest goose became unable to stand. We isolated her and fed her 12% chicken pellets, which she ate eagerly, and also dosed her first with terramycin and then with amprolium. She seemed to be holding her own until suddenly we came out and found her dead. This morning a second gosling is showing the same symptoms. Yesterday it was fine and seemed to be foraging busily with the others. Any thoughts?

Southern NJ, United States(Zone 7a)

We lost a second gosling, but the other two seem to be improving. One was down and is now walking well, and the other was up but unsteady and is now doing much better. They may have had coccidiosis, since dosing them with amprolium seemed to take care of the problem. The second one that died may just have been too far gone to recover even with the medicine. Hopefully the two remaining geese will be okay now.

(Zone 6b)

So sorry to hear that greenhouse gal. That must have been terrible. Glad to know the other two are going to be okay.

Southern NJ, United States(Zone 7a)

Thanks, LfJ! They do seem fine so far. We've stopped the amprolium and they're grazing well. Unfortunately we seem to be left with two ganders, but since we primarily want them to protect the chickens from daytime predators that's okay. The last Toulouse goose we had hatched a couple of broods by herself, with the gander we had then, but a possum got both of them.

Southern NJ, United States(Zone 7a)

Update on the goslings: they're back in with the chickens and are doing very well. Apparently the amprolium did the trick; I think we lost the first two because we didn't get to them in time. Still can't figure out why they picked up coccidiosis, especially at their age.

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