Tomato Varieties

Snellville, GA(Zone 7b)

Thought I would share this website with tomato variety descriptions:

Salem, NY(Zone 4b)

I went through the list and clicked on many that I introduced and found lots and lots of errors . Many were listed as heirlooms when indeed they were recently bred and many were listed as heirlooms when they were the result of natural cross pollination.

So I'm going to link to Tania's site which IMO is far superior to the Rutgers site and Tania has pages for now over 3,000 varieties, most with pictures, comments by folks who have grown the varieties as well as seed sources if there are any.

Does she have ALL the info about every variety, nope, but no errors just a few where the histories are not complete or not much is known about a variety at all other than the name.


There are many ways to search for varieties at her site. If you know the name use the alphabetical method but you can also search by color, shape, plant habit, and even place of origin.

A totally great site IMO and the opinions of many others and many of them here at DG and well, message sites galore.


Snellville, GA(Zone 7b)

I really didn't check for errors, just saw it as I was looking up some info and book marked it. It's funny one would expect a college database to be fairly accurate.

Salem, NY(Zone 4b)

I agree since Rutgers University has many outreach programs for commercial farmers in NJ and their folks have also been instrumental in suggesting new ways to grow tomatoes, especially b/c so many commercial farmers, the smaller ones, are turning to heirloom varieties, which are in demand and that list is mainly non-F1 varieties.

But what is, is.

I'll go back and look at it again to see if I can find out exactly who generated that list, whether it be Master Gardeners, full time faculty, whatever.


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